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Batteries Fireman Toy

12 January 2013

When I was a kid, it was always fascinating to see some batteries operated toys. One of those earlier days toy would be Fireman climbing up and down the ladder.

That concept of a battery operated fireman climbing up a ladder was so popular that some  battery manufacturer did advertising to show how lasting are their batteries.Out of that concept, gave birth to these capsule toys.

These cute looking Fire Fighters carry each a dry cell battery of different brands.

Before I review further, these toys are quite some time and you may notice it has some imperfection but they are still great toys.

If you are thinking these are Japanese brand batteries, you are right as these toys are from Japan.

Two out of the 3 are Panasonic. That's right. The Brown and the Grey Fire Fighters.

I happen to have some Panasonic dry cell batteries with me. Let them show off their batteries and one of then is Alkaline battery!

The odd one is the black fire fighter which I think the color theme look great. He is a cheeky one.

Here a closed up of this almost 2 inches toy with good details. The safety marker on his shirt was a good contrast on his black suit.

For this black theme fire fighter, he is powered by National. The last time I saw this brand was when I was a kid. Today is pretty hard to see this brand National. Just look at the Since 1931 as Top Seller batteries.

These toys have moveable limbs, legs and heads. They are great to pose and play. It seems the National powered Fire fighter want to start a dance.

And the rest joined in.

Question for you, if they keep on dancing, who will be the longest?

Here's a hint. Looked at their batteries and compare. :)

So what is your answer?

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