31 December 2012

My 2012 Top 10 Reviewed Toys

The end of 2012 mark the end of "End of the World" hopefully but on this site it is time for us to go through the top 10 reviewed toys here at Open The Toy.

These top 10 are selected as they are some of the worthwhile toys that I enjoyed.

10. Thousand Sunny Grand Ship Model kit

I always love ship and wanted an opportunity to build one as a model kit. Not any kind of modern ship but a ship that have sails. I finally got a change to build one and that is from One Piece, the Thousand Sunny. You can read more about the detail of this ship on my review here.

9. Lego Death Star Tie fighter and Pilot

I always wanted a Death star but was not able to own one. Thanks to Lego, I finally have a mini-Deathstar and also the Empire's pilot and his Tie fighter. You can read more of the review here

8.  McDonald Hello Kitty

One of the highlight for Mcdonald Happy Meal is the four loveable Hello Kitty from McDonald. It was a craze to have mcDonalds just to collect Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Ronald McDonald kitty but it was worth it.

7. Figma Michael Jackson Thriller

This figma Michael Jackson came late but to have a King of Pop (I am a fan of his) was totally worth it. The figure is articulated to do most of the pose of the songs but you have to use a stand to hold him into position.You can read more of this figure trying to do some of MJ Thriller pose.

6. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Cyclone bike

Every hero need a vehicle and since I have a classic Kamen Rider 1, the next closest thing was to get him a bike and I did. It has wonderful details and look great with the rider. You can read more of it here

5. Gundam Knight BB model kit

I read some BB Gundam Knight in my earlier years and finally there is a model kit of him. Not only does it look great without painting, it has add on to change itself to be a centaur mode.

4.  S.H.Figuarts Dragonball Piccolo

I missed out the earlier release of this Piccolo from S.H.Figuarts and since everything that line is being web exclusive, I decided to get this before it is exclusive in time to come. I guess this could be the last figure of S.H.Figuarts for Dragonball as it is beyond affordability for me to get one now. This figure as all the Manga pose and I love it.

3. Pikachu Model kit

In the third position is the Pikachu model kit. I simply love this model kit as the Pikachu is so lifelike and easy to assemble. With only some outlining, Pikachu came alive. You can see for yourself how worth it this toy is

2. Classic Lion-O Thundercats

I always wanted a Lion-O from the old THundercats and I am thankful that they finally release a better version. I love the scale and all but the only down side was the Sword of Omen which is really rubbery. See the full review of the figure here.

1. Fall of Cybertron Soundwave

Finally the figure I think is worth it for review was the Fall of Cybertron soundwave which in robot mode have all the G1 look and instead of cassette, it uses disc. For the price and feature design. This figure won my heart and also the heart of my kid. :)

You may read the Top 10 of 2011, 2010 and 2009 if you like. :)

Till 2013, wish you guys a Happy New Year!!

29 December 2012

TMNT 2012 Michelangelo

Today I am happy to review Michelangelo  from the latest Nickeloden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When news of the new TMNT was going to release by Nickeloden, I was quite apprehensive as most of the remake of the late 80s cartoon or characters most of the time didn't get to expectation from the old loyal fans. Surprisingly, I love this new remake. Not only me, my son also enjoy it.

Therefore for Christmas, this was one of the toy he got from me. :D

The packaging was way colorful and stylish compare to the vintage ones. The packaging spacing was very much maximize for card figure by Playmate.

At the back of the card, there are some write up about the character and here is Michelangelo.

In the new TMNT, Michael Angelo was the most playful one. If there is any Turtles who like to be funny and play plank, it will be Mikey for sure.

Time to Open the Toy!

They retain Michelangelo as it's original color bandana which is consistent and unique to the 80s cartoon of the TMNT.

There are a few things I love about the Toy version of these new TMNT. Firstly all four of them are different in skin colors, height and outlook. That mean they are not from the same mold which mean higher cost as other toy makers would go into repaint. Thankfully Playmate did not and I really appreciate that.

I also love the details on them as there are skin texture and some marks on their body which can be due to physical training. Just look at the picture below and you will see the details.

Even the shell on their back, each of them are different in shapes

This figure comes with quite a number of weapons but the main thing that I am interested was the uses nunchaku which comes with pair.

The nunchaku can be store on the belt on his belt which it can store 2!

For playability, this figure have more articulation compare to the older version. This is the first time the head of the TMNT can do more pose on the head as it no longer limited to move left to right.

Here are some of the poses that this figure can preform.

Bruce Lee style!

When I first saw the preview of this new animation, I was very bother as the Turtles especially Mikey no longer says Cowabunga but Booyakasha.

Slowly the new phase booyakasha sound not that bad. I have no ideal who and what was booyakasha until I did a google searched and found another big surprise that this booyakasha phase was created by Ali G!

I don't mind the new TMNT can shout Cowabunga somewhere in the animation to come.

In ending... Turtle Power!

27 December 2012

MYTOKA Box World Display

As a Toy Collector who open my toys, I often have a need to look for display boxes. Since my Playmobil is growing, I think it is a good time to have a display stand for just the Playmobil series. I decided to look for a display stand that take care of this need and I found one.

This MYTOKA Box World display was for KUBRICK and another of that scale. Visually that is just nice for my Playmobil and other smaller scale toys.

The feature is a dust free display with platform! Now that is helpful as in that floor space, every figure get to be viewed.

Out of the display box, this is how it look like. Clean and clear. The only bad point is the casing have reflection but there isn't much I can do about it unless I stick a layer of non-reflective layer on it.

Here is a scale comparison of Starwars 3.75" and a stand Playmobil size.

Now the platform are nicely fitted and it has a flexibility should you need more floor space later if you want to do away the platform.

It can be divided in 3 layers. Cool feature but for now I need the platforms.

After some time of careful placing the figure in it (Quite painful to get them right), so here it is!

Now my figure are more dust free and I have made more room to have more toys figures!!

If space allow, I can buy more of such display case and stack on each other to have more space. :)

Do you need such display case too?

23 December 2012

Playmobil Nikita

I have never imagine that a day will come there is a cool female secret Agent like Nitika will ever happen in the Playmobil series.

When I read about there is a Nitika like on a Female Minifigure series, I tried hard to get one for myself. And boy did I tired... I almost gave up until I change on the older series still available to try for blind pack. So I tried again and finally I got it right.

Personally I love her hair style and her face. I love the scarf and the 2 pieces shirt in black she wore.

There are not much weapon for the female series and she was one of those who has a Gun. I think she look even better if she have black gloves on.

Her suit was black and she wore good looking black boots.

On her back, she also have an  baton for close combat.  See how cool that is on her back?

I can imagine her fighting with this Neo Orange Baton. Don't asked me why it was in Orange rather than Black. For your information, this baton help me as I feel the blind pack to look for her in the series. So I am thankful for this Baton. XD

Now I have to be honest that the name Nitika I gave for this Playmobil is purely my point of view because this figure resemble very much of Nitika as I know. So if you do not agree with me, you can call her any name you like such as Assassin, Ninja and others.

As for me, I am happy to have her in my collection. So one of the Want for Playmobil series done.

Do you like this Nitika? XP

22 December 2012

Yotsuba! Revoltech Danboard Mini x Corporate Collaboration

Hear Hear Danboard fans! You just couldn't get enough of Danboard!

Revoltech is going to release the more Mini-Danboards!

This whole set include a normal Danboard Mini and 4 corporate collaboration version

The 4 Corporate Collaboration are JA Ehime orange, Tamiya version,  Pepsi and Calbee kappaebisen.

These Mini Danboard are 80mm Tall and come with it's own Display base with light up eyes powered by  2 xLR41 batteries

If you are a fan of Danboard or one of the four brands, you should get them!

The whole series will be releasing in mid Feb 2013.

20 December 2012

Sleeping Dog PS3 Review

Sleeping Dog was my first PS3 game that I got when I have my hands on the new PS3 Super Slim.

I was told by the sales that this game is much GTA alike but instead of US, the location and story happen in a fictional Hongkong. My thought was like, "Okay. So is this going to be like Hongkong movie 'Inferno affair'?"

Looking at the back of the packaging, make me excited to get this game. I was surprise that this game was by SquareEnix instead of Rockstars.

The story begin very much like those Gang Triad story of the lead Wei Shen has an identity of a law enforcer while he has a long history of a triad member back in HK. His work is to infiltrate the underworld but later find himself stuck between his job and his relationship with some triad members.

I think I will focus on the Dialogue and the setting as this is one of the main point the game is trying to sell.

The Hong Kong
I am rather impress with the setup of the different part of Hongkong was capture in the game.

Although I cannot imagine all the streets and building are real but they manage to capture the essence of Hongkong as you seen on TV. What it lack was the real Cantonese and that is what I would like to comment more.

The Cantonese

If I would followed some censored structure to put a Beep in every swearing words I heard, then for the first 5 minutes it would be R2-D2 speaking. I understand the game is Mature rating but even a real gangster may not swear so much. It is understandable that the lead Wei Shen who went to US for a few years spoke like an Amercian but how can a Hong Kong raised Triad member speak well spoken English and swear like a US fella? That does not make any sense... Oh wait! That first Triad member is Jackie and the voice cast is Edison Chen! Okay that make perfect sense now right?

No It still does not for me. Sorry.

There are many who spoke Cantonese in the game to add local favor into the game but for a home grown Cantonese like me, I find the way the voice actor spoke Cantonese is weird and unnatural (even when they trying to swear). Maybe for that is just me since I am a Cantonese who also watched a lot of TVB series in Cantonese which do not talk like them. *Roll eyes

Regardless of the Cantonese, the story was not that bad. You will learn to know more of Wei Shen in the game.

The Girl friends
Part of the game include some romancing when Wei shen met different girls in most of the wrong places except for one case where He met a Caucasian blond girl who want to learn martial art in Hongkong. That girl is Emma Stone....I mean really voiced by Emma Stone!

While we are on the subject of voice over, here are the cast of the voices in the game.

Although all the different girls Wei Shen met, nothing really happen in the game and some of them disappear so fast that you didn't even have a second or third date... Oh what the heck! just go around to fight some triad members, shoot them and drive fast around for mission and stay focus!!

Mission and Collectibles
There are plenty of things for you to do in the city beside mission which tied to the story such as racing, fight club and exploring hidden items to collect stuff. Some of the important things include eating to gain some bonus, Praying at different shrine to gain more health, shopping for some clothes to get some bonus and go for some massage (both clean and unclean) to gain some bonus.

* Pray for health but not for your sin??

It is inevitable that many compare this game with GTA but do you know this game is inspired by a older game called True Crime which the lead is an Asian in US? It would be good if GTA do a Asia version so we can have a comparison. In fact, I want them to try. :)

Overall I have hours of fun playing with this game and I am still playing it as I am doing this review. I am trying to pace myself as not to finish this game that fast. :)

If you have playing this game, feel free to contribute what you like and don't like about Sleeping Dog.

17 December 2012

Christmas Giveaway 2012

Christmas is less than a week away and I decided to host some goodies to giveaway to some of my readers here.

The Giveaway would be hosting through out this week on Open The Toy Facebook page. Just look out for the various contest and participate to win some of the Giveaway.

Remember to Like the Page and on every of your entry have at least one like. The more Like you have on your entry, the more chances of you to win the prizes.

Please note that some of this prizes are tied to certain region only because it will be late for Christmas.

Come join in the fun!!

Updates: Christmas Giveaway 1: Dragon Nest iPhone 4 cover 
Christmas Giveaway 2: Dragon Nest Hound Plush 

16 December 2012

Soundwave Fall of Cybertron

It has been sometime since I get a Transformers review and today I am excited to review the latest Voyager class Soundwave from Hasbro from the Console Game, Fall of Cybertron.

I was glad that this Soundwave retain so many G1 design. The packaging look good and the illustration was great. 

On one side was the different Minions of Soundwaves while on the other side the Deception Logo.

At the back is the data of Soundwave and him in both vehicle and robot mode.

At the bottom of the packaging, are the minions such as Frenzy, Ratbat, Rumble and Ravagewhich sold separately.

Let's open the toy!

First let me review Laserbeak in theme of red and silver. The outlook do look like a bird as it should be while the creator cleverly use the disc as rounded wings and tail.

This is Laserbeak in disc form. It does come with a spring action which will turn instantly this disc form to a bird form.

The down side is this Laserbeak do not have much legs. So you have to rest him on the hands of Soundwave carefully.

Now the main character, Soundwave retaining almost 80% of G1 look in his Blue and silver color theme.

The area of the cassette player is now much of a cockpit with the Decepticon logo.

Also the head and face with G1 look that fan remember.

Now in the illustration of the box, Soundwave should come with his gun but the toy do not have this as an accessory! It gave me a scared when I came home and open the toy to find out it was not there.

Later I found out that this figure itself do not come with this blaster although the box but both the box and instruction sheet indicate this part!! What a let down Hasbro!I felt short changed.

Anyway the place where the cassettte should be is now a Disc player. Just pop out the chest and you see an area to place the disc.

All you need to do is to make sure the disc fit correctly and carefully push it in. The disc should fit inside nicely if you have done carefully. You can close the cover back as how it should be.

Unlike G1 Soundwave which is a cassette player, this Soundwave is much of a tank vehicle. Something new which I welcome as I always find it quite weird that soundwave of his scale will turned into a stereo player. 

So here is the vehicle form in it's full glory.

The vehicle seems to be well-armored and can go for speed. The transformation is quite alright if you follow in the instruction. 

The chest and the arms formed the front part of the vehicle while the legs form the backend of the vehicle.

The chest area still remain open for disc insertion and ejection for action.

Here is a size comparison of Soundwave and Shockwave who is a class smaller in scale for the toy.

On the whole, I am glad to have this Soundwave as it is G1 looking and both size and vehicle is a big plus to me.

If you are a Transformers fan, make sure you get this Soundwave!

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