30 November 2012

Saber Bride Cosplay

Remember the Saber Bride cosplay that I feature during the AFA2012 cosplayer post?

Well I was impressed with the effort of how the cosplayer do such detail cosplay and when I go online to do more search, I found others who share some of good looking shots of this Saber Bride cosplay by a local cosplayer known as ConJurer.

* Photo credit to Jason Elpheus Wong

This Saber Bride cosplay was full of surprises as much as she get quite a lot of people attention that day.

*Photo credit to Billy Aoki

Surprise number 1, the whole costume was self-made by a self-taught cosplayer and ConJurer will be sharing how much does it take to make this costume from head to toe.

* Photo credit to Swee Min

Surprise number 2, this Saber is a Guy and before you jump to any conclusion, he is straight. It surprise many that how can such a good looking cosplay of Saber be a guy? Yes this is a very convincing work and that mean a certain level of success in his work.

We are delighted to have an exclusive interview with him as we get to find out what inspire him to do cosplaying.
* Photo credit to Brian Lim

Meanwhile look out the next post of what it takes to do this set of costume from head to toe. :) Continue to making this costume.

29 November 2012

Shodo Dragonball coming

Good news for Dragonball fans. As next year a new Dragonball movie is going to be release in March 2013, a new Dragonball toy line named Shodo will be release in May 2013.

The special thing about this series is it is 80mm in height but with quite a number of articulations

The pilot characters on this series is Super Saiyan Gokou and Vegeta

Super Saiyan Goku, one of my favorite and in the presentation look good with various pose

The same goes to Super Saiyan Vegeta with some of his signature pose.

Each of these figure comes with pose stand to simulate floating in the air which is cool.

Again some of the signature pose of Gokou and Vegeta.

The not so good news is this 『掌動-SHODO-』 series are limited edition which could be web exclusive and so far it is expected to be for 2100 Yen.

I will keep my eye on this for now.

27 November 2012

PlayImaginative at CSC

Some weeks ago I posted the moving out sale of PlayImaginative from SCAPE to Chinatown Square Central and I finally have the time to pop by.

The unit is at second floor of the building. A Clean and neat shop front.

Here are some of the toys that are selling in that shop when I visited that day.

Disney Mini Figure world series which have loads of Disney characters which is great for desktop display figures for collectors.

You don't see much Happy Tree Friends toys and in PlayImaginative, that where you can get some.

Not forgetting the Sponge Bob Square Pants

Some custom Mickey and I am having Christmas mood. LOL

Loads of ToFU!!

And rare Molly with articulations.

There are some Kubrick as well including Gremlins!

At PlayImaginative there have some Lucky Ball draw which you pay a certain amount and you may get a toys or more which is more or equal to the value you paid.

For bigger items, there were lucky bags too!

Beside toys, there are some other lifestyle stuff such as designer apparels.

Not forgetting Ugly dolls and Tokidoki.

Uglydoll win up toys! Cute!

Some of the Tokidoki Go punks products in blind packs

Speaking for blind packs, there are Lego Minifigures too!

Last but not least, the 12 inches diecast Jim Lee Batman were displayed and on sale there too!

I have been following PlayImaginative moving from Iluma to SCAPE and now finally at China Square Central (unit #02-25/26)

If you often goes to Toy Fleamarket at CSC, you would not missed this new edition in that building.

26 November 2012

I am Number Four

Is this going to be a review on I am Number Four toys? Was there even toys from that movie to begin with? No.

Today mark the Fourth year of Open The Toy and it is traditional to pen my thoughts down on this four years of blogging. It's a good time to look back on how it begin and how it has become. What I am going to post can be a "Wall of Text" but it is nothing but pure honesty.

I started blogging about Toys as a toy collector. Just a regular guy with limited budget who loves toys. I would say this four years circumstances and passion change a lot especially when I take on fatherly duties.

One common questions I get from friends are how did I find the time to blog regardless of commitments?I am not Superman and what I have done for content take time.

A easy way would be ripping off photos and content from some other site for information but that is not my style. Sadly in my four years of blogging, I have written emails to requesting some sites to take down their post as they simply copy ALL my original contents even though they put a tiny link to my site. Why? Because they did not ask permission.As a professional blogger who has been around to  grow your site, be nice to ask for permission especially if we have never communicated before. It is disheartening for a blogger who is trying to generate content and get rip off.

I have always write this blog content to be fun and toy reviews of what toys I got. As for toy collecting, I have slow down very much (that is why you do not see so much toy review recently) like many collector is doing because of the crazy pricing of Toys and the quality of the toys does not seems to justify the pricing. Some main stream toy maker continue to do collector market and create more exclusive with crazy pricing. Such movement only hurt reseller and collectors alike.  Pricing aside, I also have limited space for toys.

The only happy thing was my son now starting to enjoy my toys more than me. In a way he spend more times on some of my toys (those that I allow him to play) than me.

My consolation was that at least the toy was being enjoyed and my child is happy and the memory of these toys will always be with him as like the memory of my childhood toys are with me. Isn't that something more valuable?

What's the point for toys to be keep in box and not to be enjoyed? So I can keep them mint in box and one day I sell at higher price for some cash? How much money will I make and will that right time ever come to sell it off? Sorry I am not going down that path.

In this four years of blogging, I have met many bloggers and within this four years, I see my share of good blog closing down or no longer updated. As I look back my comments on this blog, I just felt sad and missed these bloggers or reader who used to come read regularly and comment on almost everything.

Thankfully there are still some of blogging friends and readers who constantly comment and in contact. I am grateful to have such friendship to support me to keep on blogging.

I hope you will continue to read, interact and join in some discussion and most of all understand my point of view on some of the Toys views and other fun stuff.

If there is anything I want the next year Open the Toy to be, is to have Fun blogging and you as a reader have fun reading and interact in this blog by comments or even in our facebook page.

Thank you for reading this post for our Anniversary and may the FOURTH to be with you...Always.

23 November 2012

My thoughts on Model kit Contest

I have been following Gundam Model kit contest in Singapore for a couple of years and every year it is exciting and encouraging to see local entries getting better and better.

Just like this year GBWC 2012 Singapore, there are couple of good looking and also some massive model kit with great details. Looking at the entries, I can see the devotion the contestants have for their art pieces.

Sometime standing there taking photo and looking at the display, I got to hear comments by viewers and read about comments online on some of the works by the contestants. Everybody are entitled to their own opinion and today I am going to share with you my thoughts of such contest.

They said beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is true in this topic when different people look into the art pieces of the contestant. Since it is a contest, there isn't very much fairness to start with. Why? Here are some reasons.

Everyone a Critic
Once you have enter a contest, brace yourself to be able to get good and bad comments about your work because in contest, there are surely to have Judges and your work will be judged. That link to the next point.

Face it, we have our preference knowing and unknowing. Just like when I see a particular model kit which have my favorite Gunpla, I will be more drawn to the entry because I like the characters. Of course if that entry is from someone I know, I will support more. So is this fair?

Point System
Those who does not know much about model kit making will admire the skills of the contestant more than those who have done some model kits. A easy way to put this is Noob like me will start off zero point and then when I look at the art pieces start to add points of what we see. While those more "experience" in model kit making will look at the art pieces started from 100 points and minus point along the way.

The Cup is Half Empty or Half Full?
Depending on which mindset you have, you can either appreciate or depreciate each entry.

If you are there to think about the effort, concept, details and creativity, chances are you will be more happy and spend more time to understand what is the contestant trying to communicate with you with their art pieces.

On the other hand if you having some experiences in emphasis on some basic of how to handle the model kits, chances are you spotted flaws and amplify some of the imperfection.

As for me, I always try to appreciate each entry and what is it trying to communicate and the effort and devotion of the contestant. What impress me most are not really the Open category but the Junior entries as it always amazed me their creative and sincere presentation.

As for contest, there will always be a handful of winners but I think what counts are the effort one put in to present their works with the time and resources they put in. I do hope all the contestant enjoyed themselves not only at the destination but the journey.

By the way, the result of the GBWC 2012 Singapore will be out on 25th November 2012 at 7PM at Compass point SengKang Singapore. Be there to encourage them as the winner will be representing Singapore to contest with other countries winners.

Meanwhile if you are in Singapore and you plan to visit GBWC2012, don't forget how you can have chances to win FREE Gunpla model kit!


21 November 2012

Soul Calibur II Sophitia Alexandra

Sophitia Alexandra is one of girls that Yujin has produced under Namco collections. If you have played Soul Calibur II, you would have seen her but this version of Sophitiado not really resemble her.

Regardless, this version of her is good looking with good proportion figure as a lady and her theme White and Brown is a good mixed.

I love the details of the long leather boots. Just look at the textures.

On a closed up on her face, it can be better but this is a capsule toy and for it standard is pretty decent. I love the ruby on her head band.

As for accessories, she comes with a staff and a shield. The details are good too.

When the accessories are on her, I can easily mistaken her as a Cleric in RPG game. Maybe this costume look like nurse dressing. LOL

On the side, her pose is awesome. I love her long leather gloves too.

And yes the nurse looking mini shirt help too.

In all honestly, this figure does not really resemble the Soul Calibur Sophitia but it is good looking for the class of her own.

What do you think?

19 November 2012

Toy Shopping Suprises

This post is just a personal post of the weird things I notice on one of the day when I go for a shopping trip locally in Singapore. All in total I saw 4 weird incidents that day.

Surprise  No. 1: Gashapon or Capsule machine increase price
During AFA 2012 at the Capsule or Gashapon machines, I remember for a turn for 200 Yen is just SGD$3.

Behold when I went to that toy shopping as I saw some interesting capsule, I noticed the price of 200 Yen has become SGD$4!! They increase it by a dollar!! What happened??

That means those that are 300Yen will be going for SGD$5. I was kind of in shock but after I did some conversion from Yen to SGD (based on the to date rate), the conversion of 200 Yen is actually SGD$3.00 so I think that is alright...

Surprises No. 2: Transformers Prime Bumblebee losing their heads
I was looking at the Weaponiser Transformers Prime Bumblebee and I saw the head actually fall off.

I guess it's okay if it was one of them but it turned out many of them have the same issue.Weird?

Okay maybe some kids before I arrived actually pull or knock off the head...or maybe the neck ball joint too loose? Take your pick as I don't want to jump into any conclusion. Still it is not a sight you see everyday.

Surprise No. 3:Transformers Leader class Generations G1 colors
Transformers movies have end quite sometime now and I was surprised to see leader class Starscream had a G1 repaint and Leader class Ironhide in Red!

Apparently this is new release...

Surprise No. 4: Marvel comic pack without Comic?
I was looking at some X-Men First class toys and it feature a good looking comic cover and figures illustration at the back of the card.

But when I look at the front, something is missing... somehow the front cover seems very empty...

You guess it, it is suppose to be Comic pack but the comic is missing!! I thought maybe some thief took the comic but it was properly sealed and I check others all the same without comic.

I guess they took the comic out because of cost or licensing...but hey this is comic pack! Does that mean the toy is cheaper than it usual price? I don't know.

So that conclude the surprises I found that day just looking at toys.

Are you surprise as well? Do comment. :)

17 November 2012

GBWC 2012

I was there early. In fact too early as the first day of GBWC 2012 Singapore is for the entries to arrive and setup. It is wonderful to see the coming in entries and the proud faces of the modeller with their good looking kits.

Without further ado, here are some snap shots of some of the entries when I was there early that day.

Here are some of the preview of the upcoming kit such as Rozen Zulu 

Tallgeese EW Version

The coming kit Delta Gundam Ka.

Byarant custom

Legend BB model kits

Most of all the MG Nu Gundam Ka!

There are more awesome entries not being cover here but you should head down to Compass point to take a look for yourself. If you are heading down, don't forget to enter our contest Giveaway for GBWC 2012. Read more about that to win Gunpla model kit!

You may see more awesome entries at Waylander

More on GBWC later!

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