29 September 2012

Dancing Eyes Pop Girl (NSFW)

There was a period of time Yujin produced a series of SR Namco Girls and this is one of them known from Dancing eyes Pop Girl. I have to put a disclaimer as a random collector, I have no idea if Dancing Eyes was a Manga, game or anime as this is just of character in the set that I happened to get when I go for one turn at the Capsule machine years ago.

This was quite a well done figure in many aspect. I will give a detail review for this review.

Firstly look at her in a full view. I guess many guys will want to get this figure even though no one know which Manga, game or Anime she came from. :P

Here is the back view and I would like to highlight this figure actually have another variant color and she come with a stand to help her to balance. However if you know how to adjust her leg properly, you may not need the stand.

As you can see she can balance well and just look at the detail of the heels.

For the face with short hair, she look quite tom boy. The character was designed to have big boobs and if this is a virtual or fantasy figure, you will expect no less from the Japanese. For texture of her swimsuit, they used a glossy cyan paint to give a classy look.

Now at her left side was a soft toy monkey which I have no idea why it was there. Perhaps to make the divert the attention from her big boobs or to make the figure look cuter.

Apparently the monkey seems like hanging from her top...naughty monkey?

The figure that I have is not without flaw. You can see some of the plastic lines on her arms but then again this is just a 300 YEN gashapon so I should not expect so much in term of quality.

Somehow I feel that the pose of this figure does not portray that she is comfortable being captured in this pose....

Now there are two wonders of this Gashapon or casuple figure I would like to highlight.

First, the height of this figure seems to taller than most gashapon figure which is around 3" but this figure seems to be taller than that! Here is a comparison of her being with my OTTi which around 2" plus.

The other wonders is that the engineering of this capsule figure was being design actually done by mulitples parts. And if you place all this together, you get a complete figure.

If you look at the figure again, you would not have an idea that it was formed by so many parts as the parts fit so well together.

All these just for the value of 300 Yen back then. Amazing right?

PS: I put the title as NSFW for the swimsuit figure. :)

26 September 2012

The Hobbit Movie Toys

News of The Hobbit the movie will be releasing end of this year and it is time to check out what are the toys that come with this movie.

From The Bridge Direct comes two scales of the Hobbit toys which are in 6" which is in line with the former LOTR figures and 3.75".

For 6" there are Gandalf the Grey

Young Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Okensheild in wave 1

For 3.75" there mostly offer in pack of two such as Bilbo and Gollum

And the Hero Pack - Bilbo, Thorin, Dwalin, Kili and Fili.

I will certainly look forward the movie during year end toward Christmas!

24 September 2012

Android Series 3 out!

If you are a fan of Android toy, today will be the day for you to get your order from Dead Zebra shop at 11am EST. So here are the different Android design in this series with collaboration with various artists.

In series 3 there is a solid color RED which comes with 2/16 ratio.

An South African artist and toy designer KRONK created Escape Ape which the ratio is 1/16 ratio, while artist Sket One's created a glossy conman with pool cue and a hat with body painted a 8. Fitting for calling it a 8-Ball Hustler.

Another artist MAD created "cry-on" with a ratio of 1/16 inspired by spray paint. Artist kaNO put together this awesome Beastie Boys did a tribute to intergalactic rap superstar with a mic as a accessory with 1/16 ratio.

Barista Bot by Andrew Bell himself inspired by helping out his sister cafe and the black translucent
Nexus sports carries the latest generation flagship 4G LTE Nexus phone with a ratio of 2/16.

Sir Knightly Bild was designed Andrew Bell himself with 1/16 ratio. Artist Huck Gee created Professor Skully McRivethead with a chinese character "Death" on the forehead. Whoogle the Owl by Gary Ham with 2/16 ratio and  Pandroid by Kelly Denato comes a small pan flute which is 1/16 ratio.

Finally one of the best Android by Google. Inc. a clear Android that comes with a mini Android inside which is Green!

I deem this as the best and the hottest as this is 2 for the price of 1 and come on Mini Android with full articulation dude!! Ratio is 1/16. You must be very lucky to strike this one.

Are you an Android fan? :)

22 September 2012

Reality Bites

I have to admit, part of my toy collecting had to do with some "toys deprive". You see back when I was a kid, most of my toys are handed down from relatives and there were just a handful of moments that my parents bought me a new toy at a toy department. Those moments are gold to me as even when I think back, put a smile on my face instantly.

There were a handful of occasion that I visited some friends who had some much toys that I wanted. One of those time that friend of mine had not only one Stormtropper but a whole squadron of them. Back then whenever I plead my parents to get some more and they were replied that I had too many toys but most of those toys I desire, I have never owned it.

I swear then and there that when I grew up, I will get as much toys as I wanted.

Years past and today I still have issue getting those toys I really wanted...

Yes, Reality bites.

But something is not right here. Why is it so? Is having a toy a luxury now?

One of the fact I concluded was that the toys now was priced as luxury item. Back then a retail good popular toys is less than a hundred dollar but today it cost much more such as the high end toys which cost you the price close to one game console (SGD$400).

Here is an example. A starwars toy in mid 1980s "Return of the Jedi" from Kenner in retail cost about SGD$3 then. Why I remember the price so clearly? Because I was saving the amount just to get one of the starwars toys from my petty allowances as a primary school student. Today the same 3.75" figure from starwars cost SGD$18.90!

Taking inflation into account like three decades (yes I am old). Then maybe I do a comparison of what you can buy for SGD$3 then in the mid 1980s and what you can get now for SGD$18.90.

In 1980s a SGD$3 can buy you two decent meal. Taking consideration that a plate of chicken rice was SGD$1.50. Coming back to pleasant time, a SGD$18.90 if you want to eat a chicken rice, you can buy 3 to 4 plates if one standard plate is around SGD$4.50 in Singapore food court.

Now that is only Starwars figures which is only 3.75". I have yet to touch on the high pricing such as Max Factory Figma (SGD$60 to SGD$120), Bandai products which are going to exclusive and pre-order (SGD$60 to SGD$120) and the higher end Hot Toys (SGD$250 minimum). The worst of it was even now the toy makers wanted to have pre-orders and exclusive which create more harm than good.

Well I am not saying I need to collect it all but it is just a fact that toys are getting so expensive that pushing a number of seasoned collectors out. Good thing to the collectors and bad for the toy maker but who cares about the toy makers if they don't even know how to care about collectors.

Thankfully there are some toys which are affordable and I hope it will continue to be for the children sakes.

Okay maybe it is just me but you think the toy pricing now is reasonable and affordable?

20 September 2012

Assembled Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction set

This is the finishing act. The final chapter where the whole awesomeness of Gundam construction set displays.

Now to put them together and I will start at the feet with the skeleton structure to support the weight.

The hard part for this set is to put the legs cover around the skeleton structure. Once you get over this part, the rest is fairly easy.

There it is. The full glory of 1:1 Gundam.

This Gundam look good around in different angles.From the back...

From the side view...

Yes including the helicopter view down too. LOL

I have to say I am happy with this Gundam on display and as a Gundam lover, this set is as meaningful to see the module parts were and how it can fit together.

Even though this is a small scale Gundam but the detail level is amazing.

18 September 2012

Mini Danboard Model Kit coming

Just a week ago I post about my review on Danboard model kit by Kotobukiya and I just learned that there will be a Mini version!!

You hear it right. If you have missed the previous version, here is a cuter and cheaper version for just 924 Yen!!

This mini version is 85mm in height than the previous version 125mm. It is prepainted with good articulation.

Look out for this early next year as it is schedule to release in January 2013.

Don't missed it!

16 September 2012

Ultimate Warrior WWF

I was a big fan of World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s and toward the end of 1980s, there were great wrestlers who emerged and made great names for themselves. One of them beside Hulk Hogan was the Ultimate Warrior.

He was one of my favorite as not only he had great physique of muscles which later part of his career the muscles can see the veins.

I would say this is the younger days of the Ultimate Warrior and the color mask paint warrior design shape is there but the colors paint may change depending on his outfit of the matches. But one thing for sure, he is always in bright colorful paint.

Let me talk more about the physique of this Ultimate warrior is only accurate when he was young. I can understand as a toy the maker may share bodies due to cost. To be honest I am okay with that as the figure look fit. However the joints of the arms can never cross due to the muscle design.

I have to say the hair was quite curly compare to the real Ultimate warrior but this is just a mass figure so the same hair design maybe reuse on another design. Nicely paint tho for the shades of the brown hair tone.

From the back, this Ultimate warrior look good and fit.

Now before I go further on this review, I would like to highlight that this figure is from WWE Defining Moments Ultimate Warrior from WrestleMania VII and I got this loose in a flea market. So some of the accessories like his colorful cape and his title belt.

That being said, not everyone can carry bright pink well but for Ultimate Warrior, pink doesn't affect his looks and even with Neon color drawing, it make him look cool.

Not everyday you get to see your face on your shorts.

Not to mention such graffiti on your butt.

The right knee pad has Ultimate Warrior face

While the other side, Macho man!

Unfortulately the figure does not do some pose well but I will make do.

And among all the pose this figure can do, I like to make him do this pose well as everytime Ultimate warrior goes in the ring, he will grab the robes and shake violently. I will always remember that. LOL

Personally I was glad to get this figure for sentimental reason as my memory of watching the WWF thinking they are so cool and later in life learned it was an entertainment act. However I am still thankful for those time to have such "real life super hero" to think how awesome they were.

Well I hope you are a fan of the Ultimate Warrior and if you are not and read this simple review, he is one good wrestler. If you want to learn more about him, you can more of him and find out what so cool about him back in the late 1980s on the video below

Is Ultimate Warrior cool or what?

15 September 2012

Real Grade 1/1 Gundam Construction Set part 6

Finally we are at the last construction set of 1:1 RG Gundam RX-78-2.

This is quite a unique set as it has high structures, elevator and the base had some safety cones. I would say this is the most detail set of them all.

For the elevator, it fit nicely with one of the scale human.

For Gundam's part however, this set only comes with his complete right arm.

I really like the decal that come originally with this set as it is nicely pasted and that save my time and chances are I may messed up the kit.

Now we have seen all 6 of the pieces. Now it is time to Assemble them....

That will be on the next post. LOL

Final assemble!!

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