28 February 2012

The Darkness Rising

It is my pleasure to feature a masterpiece by Leon Ku an award winning modeller for his contribution for the coming Cybertron Con 2012.

If you must know, this is Nemesis Prime. A clone of Optimus Prime with all his power but none of his moral.

Leon Ku has done good modification of some of Optimus Prime parts and gave Nemesis a chain gun. With the good shading of Black and purple, Nemesis look wicked as the diorama shown a Autobot that just got slaughtered by Nememis red hot blade.

This "The Darkness Rising" pieces will be more spectacular when you behold that in person I believe.

If you like this master pieces, head over Leon Ku facebook page to like it!

Cybertron Con 2012 will certainly be more exciting to see all the modeller paying tribute to Transformers. Expect to see top class model Transformers fan.

Fans who wish to attend 2012 TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con are encouraged to reserve their packages and tickets fast through the Resorts World Sentosa website at www.rwsentosa.com, ticketing booths located at Universal Studios Singapore, RWS Ticketing and Membership Hub and MEM, via reservation hotline +65 6577 8888, or through authorised travel agents now. Tickets for the Cybertron Con are priced at $12 for day ticket and $68 for VIP 4-day package.

Don't missed out Transformers fan! This event only happen once in a blue moon.

26 February 2012

My 3 Reasons to collect Transformers

When one is into toy collecting so much that often we missed some good reasons why we do what we did. Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me why I have so much love for collecting Transformers. Ain't they expensive? Such question set me thinking and I have decided to gather my thoughts and list down some valid reasons as much as I can.

1. Two Toys for the price of One.
What is Transformers if they cannot transform in the first place. As a toy, the important part is playing with the toy and what better way to fun than to transform them from Vehicle to robot mode and from robot to vehicle mode again. In the economic angle, you are paying two different toys for the price of one. If you that doesn't convince you, think about the effort to get the toy designers to be able to change the parts without tearing it apart.

2. Monetary Value
Compare to other toys, Transformers value seems to be there especially when it comes to old generation or some collectors edition.That being said, not all Transformers toys has increasing values. Much of it such as the movie version toys often landed in massive sales items.

If by now you are reading this and considering to "invest" in buying and keeping Transformers and sell it off later to make you rich, look around you and ask yourself this question: How many collectors you know sold their Transformers collection and get rich?  Chances are such collectors did earn some cash back when they have needed and if you see the time and effort they have invested to collect, it may just broke even the most.

3. Transformers Storyline and Characters
I realized what make me collect the toys had to do with the characters in the cartoons which I loved watching in the 80s and the recent animation series. The simple stories of G1 of Good Vs Evil and memorial characters like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream stole the heart and mind of many. When the toys appeared just like in the cartoon in both disguise mode and robot mode, every kid went crazy.

The love and connection of the characters are so successful that the same characters name being used in various series and toys, it still draw many of it's followers in different product lines of Transformers. It's a tested formula and you cannot go wrong with that. Even for repaint...

There you have it. 3 reasons I can think of for getting Transformers toy. If you have other reasons, I am more than willing to hear about it at the comment section. ")

25 February 2012

Mass Effect Warhammer OTTi

Who is this? Is it from the Gear of Wars or Mass Effect?

Seems like a heavy armed soldier going for some kind of war. He even as a sigma on his shoulder blade.

Wait a minute... I know that face! It's OTTi!!

What is OTTi doing in such armor? Well this custom OTTi was a surprised gift done modification and painted by an old friend of mine, Andrew. He has been doing much on this hobby and getting really a expert that he even get request for commission work!

To let you have a scale of the work put into this figurine, allow me to show you the size comparison with a 2.5 inches OTTi.

This version of OTTi was done with Warhammer scale figurines with some modification like OTTi unique hand. To that scales, let's look at the details.

He even did the base modification with rocks and grass miniatures

OTTi looked armed and Dangerous and ready for action...

And it seems like OTTi is getting on...

Can Warhammer OTTi defeat it's adversary?

Remember, Size matters Not. Is this statement True?

22 February 2012

TRANSFORMERS Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class Wave 1 & 2

Just when we are getting excited on Transformers Prime series, there will be more Transformers Generation release in line with the Fall of Cybertron game.

First off, Optimus Prime get some modification in the second installment of the game.

While we are at Autobots, Jazz joined the ranks of Fall of Cybertron with G1 head but more futuristic vehicle design.

For Team Decepticon, fans will be crazy for Shockwave with G1 head design but blaster or spaceship looking vehicle mode

When we talked about Team Decepticon, we truely mean Team with a gang of Decepticon release in Deluxe class.

Behold Blast Off, Onslaught, Vortex, Swindle and Brawl each can transform into their own vehicle mode.  But the most value added for collectors would be getting all of these 5 figures to form Bruticus!

As for the weapon of Bruticus, it is a combination of all the 5 figures weapon that formed together. Pretty neat right?

You can view more Photos from Transformers

Look out for these release this year in the toy shop near you! Look like more Transformers for me to collect. LOL

20 February 2012

The Revenge of Waspinator

It has been sometime since I do some toy comic and finally have the time to do some when I am playing with Waspinator. ")

If you have no idea of what is the "arm thingy" we talking about, you can refer to the review of my Waspinator having wrong arms. :)

Hope you guys like it. I did enjoyed the process. LOL

19 February 2012

Transformers Animated Waspinator

In the Transformers Animated series, Waspinator is one character who went through framed and betrayal. And today I am going to review this toy which at the end of this review, I too was being short changed too. Continue reading to find out.

In Transformers Animated, Waspinator was originally a Autobot who resemble Bumblebee physically enrolled themselves in the training to be Autobots Elite Guard. Both Wasp and Bumblebee never looked eye to eye and because of this weakness, a Decepticon spy Shockwave used that as an advantage to get Bumblebee to frame Wasp as a Decepticon spy.

Wasp was striped of being an Autobots and sentence to prison. However with the help of the Decepticon, he escaped vowing to have his vengeance on Bumblebee. Later Wasp was seduced by Blackarachnia and transformed himself to be a organic wasp named Waspinator .

So here he is, Waspinator

Time to Open the Toy!

As I opened up the card, I saw a limb of Waspinator fallen out. Luckily I was managed to fit in the limb as a insect. The toy is stay true to the designed of the animated series and in all manner looked like a Wasp.

As the crown of the Wasp head, a Decepticon logo.

As a Wasp, it is expected to not only have wings but to be able flap it too and this toy do just that by the pressing of the button at the back.

As an insect, Waspinator was given many limbs just like Blackarachnia.

There are two tiny arms which in the insect world suppose to feed themselves with that hands but in the animation, the two tiny hand shoot up sting ray paralyzing the victim.

The transformation is pretty straight forward by pulling down the legs and it can stand

The Wasp insect head will need to pull down and become his chest and that instant, the head of Waspinator will be shown in full view.

There it is, the Waspinator standing tall.

In robot mode, the butt of the Waspinator gave not only better balance but a wasp like feature.

Instead of double limbs from the Wasp mode, both arms can merge together and form a decent hand.

However of my case, the left arms of Waspinator in robot look incorrect no matter how hard I tried to fit it together.

It turned out that both of left arms are the same part and that is the reason why it can never fit together like the right limbs.

Originally I thought it was the animation designed but I realized shortly that is not the case. It's the quality issue of the assembling process that some working simply put the part wrongly without paying much attention in their work. That was the reason why one of the limb fallen out of the figure.

Waspinator on the other hand start blaming on Blackarachnia...

* Lady Gaga jokes just in case you guys don't get it...

Sadly Blackarachnia is correct, the Quality Control should be the one to blame. Now I kept this figure unopened for some time and there is no way for me to exchange the part. :(

Just my luck I guess but somehow this mistake gave my Waspinator uniqueness and character. Don't you think so?

Continue to the Toy comic of Waspinator. :)

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