31 January 2012

Super Famicom Controller

I have so much sweet memories in my younger days playing my favorite SNES games with controller like this.
SNES Controller

When I read the news TakaraTomy coming out a tribute to Nintendo controller by having them as keychain with lights, I tell myself to get some of those I wanted.

In this series, you have the vintage first generation famicom controller, Super Famicom Controller...

Nintendo64 and the current Wii much of motion controllers comes with Black and White version.

For these toys, you can see the trademark on it's back with Nintendo copyrights.

Among all these model of controller, I am very much attached to the Super Famicom controller which to me was one of the controller of revolution simply with design of the plastic material and button layout.

Firstly it continue the direction pad on the left which today most game console still use this design. 

On the right are the four action buttons which uses different colors to make the controller look lively however the naming of the button was not that successful as XY and AB does not really stand out. Sony later uses the same format on play station and uses symbol instead. Today regardless the naming, these layout of the right 4 buttons still remain.

When you think 4 buttons should be enough, Nintendo at Super famicom era push further to add 2 more buttons that are logical and friendly. The L and R button. Now this time the naming of the button was replicate later across other console. See how important naming of buttons are?

Now the question you may asked why Nintendo created 6 actions buttons? I can tell you it is not because of RPG but more for action game which one of those defining game of that era which I was crazy about "Street Fighter II".

With 6 actions buttons, players can use the Light, Medium and Heavy Kick or Punches. And with the movement of the direction pad, you will do wonders to summon the killing moves which was awesome. You can forget about the sound effect as most of the time the players will be doing the sound effect of those special moves. LOL

Anyway this toy is just a keychain for much of the display and the only "useful" feature is that by pressing the button, the light will on and off. Nothing fanciful.

This toy for me is just a tribute to the wonderful controller designs and good design last long. Do you agree?

30 January 2012

Every Optimus Prime must have a Trailer

Optimus Prime should always comes with a trailer. Period. Fans want it that way and when there is a demand, there will be a supply one way or another. Since Voyager Optimus Prime need a trailer, someone gave it a trailer (except TakaraTomy version)

The trailer comes with this box packaging front and back.I have no idea why there imprinted 16+ and up. Maybe because there are many small parts in the trailer. Or maybe it was a brand name of the manufacture of this OEM version. LOL

There is no mention of the maker and you can said this is an OEM in a way I guess. LOL

Time to Open the Toy and review this OEM trailer.

The front of the trailer come with a shiny looking Autobots logo.

At the back is a simple looking opening like most truck trailer to wheel cars into it.

You can put a deluxe class vehicle into the trailer with not much issue. That's cool right?

If you look inside from the view, you can see the awesome components inside the trailer. Honestly I do not know what is the used of the hooks but it just look so cool. LOL

The trailer comes with a stand to let it stand alone and it allow the stand to stand down when you need to fit into the Truck.

The trailer can be open like G1 trailer and there are various points to hook up the weapons and what not.

In this case, I will place the weapon of the Voyager Optimus Prime. Fit in very nicely.

Now come the most important part, how will this trailer look when it is attached to the voyager Optimus Prime? The answer...It look AWESOME!!

The trailer is flexible to allow turning of the truck and it won't disengage easily.

Here is a size comparison of the trailer and truck with a deluxe class vehicle. Somehow the truck look small...

No matter as the truck and trailer look totally sweet as the Optimus prime I expected it to be. And because it comes together as a package on great discount, I grab it.

Now we have hear about the Dragon version for China Hasbro leader Optimus Prime. I wonder how would a voyager Optimus Prime goes with the theme of the Dragon. For the fun of it, I did a digital version and I think it look better than that. :P

What do you think?

In summary, every Optimus Prime has to come with a trailer. No question about that. Agree?

28 January 2012

DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime

Another Optimus Prime has added to my collection and I got it during last year end offer.

Having a couple of Optimus Prime myself, it take something extra to get me to have a Voyager Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers Dark of the Moon. Well I will share with you the motivation later. Let's us open the toy and review this toy first.

Having myself a Leader class, the setting of this voyager class look different. Somehow the wheels on the arms make Optimus look beefed up. 

You will know why I said beefed up by the following picture. See his wheels look so much like biceps?

On his back the two containers look more like thrusters but in reality, it doesn't do anything much as it just make Optimus look steadier. On the side view, the lower legs look strong and with that, Prime have no difficultly in standing and balance.

Talking about the legs, I notice the consistency of having tyres on the thighs, if only they care about painting the wheels there, it would look better.

Here is a closed up of Optimus face which look pretty decent. Notice that his chest area look a bit different from the leader class.

For this voyager Optimus prime, his only accessory and weapon is his blaster. No saber, no hook.

The blaster can transformed into a more powerful mode by pressing on the end button. The only weakness is that you have to keep pressing and holding the button for the blaster to be an upgrade mode.

Nonetheless, Optimus Prime always look great with a blaster than any other weapons in my opinion.

It is time for the transformation and for a voyager class, the transformation look simple but when you are doing the transformation, it may not look so simple. Here is Optimus half way doing the transformation. Look pretty funny in this semi mode. LOL

When the transformation is done, it is a different story where the truck mode look pretty awesome. On the front view, it look consistent with the movie version.

One of the detail that interest me is the only Autobots logo found on this toy was the front of the vehicle. Some custom paint will make the logo stand out.

On the back of the truck, there is a hole for you to insert the trailer logically but for this toy, it is for the weapon.

So I placed the weapon at the back and it look decent. Now in reality it will be an obvious giveaway for a normal truck to carry such a huge cannon.

Now here's something I like about this version of Optimus prime was the view from the top, it seems Optimus Prime is powered by solar panel. Notice the roof and the bonnet? They really look like solar cells. Yes I love Autobots going green. I mean who doesn't?

Even with the above good points that I pointed out, there are not the reason that put me to get this Optimus Prime. There is more. And what will that be?

It is always my criteria that Optimus prime should come with a Trailer to complete the look and it took Michael Bay 3 movies to get that right (still it didn't look too right for me). If I need a trailer, the only version for voyager would be TakaraTomy version as much as I remember, Hasbro voyager does not come with a trailer.

However there is a trailer and I got this toy with a trailer. Are you curious to see the Trailer? I will revive that on my next post. :D

That being said, how do this voyager Optimus prime fair to you? Any opinion?

27 January 2012

Snow Miku Wonder Festival 2012 Exclusive

Snow Miku is returning in Japan coming Wonder Festival 2012. Since it is still winter in February, it make prefect sense to have a Snow Miku.

This figure is in conjunction with Max factory and Good Smile Company for “Wonderful Hobby Life for You 15″! exhibition. There will be a limited to 3000 for the event in Japan but as for web online store, you can place your pre-order of maximum 3 per person. For oversea web order, the item is currently plan to ship out in June 2012 (No longer winter then :( ).

So what so different about this Nendoroid Snow Miku? For one, she comes with a new costume as a coat. For accessories, She comes with mic stand,

a shovel,

a Nendoroid Petite sized clear snow sculpture of Miku and a LED lighted stage for the ice sculpture.

The official name is No.207 Nendoroid Snow Miku ( 雪ミク ) Fluffy. Get her before she slip you by!

Do agree with me that this version of the Snow Miku is better than the previous version?

25 January 2012

Android Fu Lu Shou 福祿壽 for Chinese New Year

Believe it or not but there will be a special edition series for Chinese New year 2012. Instead of Caisheng, this year will be make up of 3 Android from Chinese characters. Fu Lu Shou 福祿壽.

First is the Blessing (福) Fu Android, more like last year Cai sheng android with a golden coin.

Fortune (祿) Lu Android dressed in blue instead of traditional Green represent position and promotion in job market.

Longevity (壽) Shou Android that is a symbol of an old man well in age carrying a peach which suppose to be Longevity fruits. Of course no one lives forever.

The order for this set is going to start today at shop.deadzebra.com today, Wednesday. Head over to get one set now!!

24 January 2012

Hot Toys Cosbaby Toy Story Series 2 Coming

Cosbaby series from Hot Toys will be releasing Toy Story series 2 figures soon and there are some interesting ones that caught my eyes when I saw the prototype pictures.

What you are seeing here are prototype photographs which may look different when you see the actual product.

This figures from series 2 are more futuristic and at the same time with some old west theme.

Firstly Woody still dressed the same but he carry a space gun. Yes it is like Cowboy & Aliens. While Buzz lightyears still stay true as himself as a space ranger. I love the helmet of Buzz.

There are 2 Aliens in this series, Cowboy Alien and Spaceman Alien and all the Aliens say "Oooooo ~"

Now come the two most interesting characters and a good make over. Meet Evil Dr. Porkchop with a one eye patch and hovering on a space vessel while Rex got himself a space helmet. Both look really cool and cute!!

I have to bring extra attention to Rex as this version of cosbaby series really bring out the cuteness and the awesome details of Rex. Surely Rex from this series would not worry if he can take any rejection as he is so CUTE!!!

If you are interested in this series, it should be release in the first quarter of 2012. We just hope the actual product will look this good. :)

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