PlayImaginative at CSC

Some weeks ago I posted the moving out sale of PlayImaginative from SCAPE to Chinatown Square Central and I finally have the time to pop by.

The unit is at second floor of the building. A Clean and neat shop front.

Here are some of the toys that are selling in that shop when I visited that day.

Disney Mini Figure world series which have loads of Disney characters which is great for desktop display figures for collectors.

You don't see much Happy Tree Friends toys and in PlayImaginative, that where you can get some.

Not forgetting the Sponge Bob Square Pants

Some custom Mickey and I am having Christmas mood. LOL

Loads of ToFU!!

And rare Molly with articulations.

There are some Kubrick as well including Gremlins!

At PlayImaginative there have some Lucky Ball draw which you pay a certain amount and you may get a toys or more which is more or equal to the value you paid.

For bigger items, there were lucky bags too!

Beside toys, there are some other lifestyle stuff such as designer apparels.

Not forgetting Ugly dolls and Tokidoki.

Uglydoll win up toys! Cute!

Some of the Tokidoki Go punks products in blind packs

Speaking for blind packs, there are Lego Minifigures too!

Last but not least, the 12 inches diecast Jim Lee Batman were displayed and on sale there too!

I have been following PlayImaginative moving from Iluma to SCAPE and now finally at China Square Central (unit #02-25/26)

If you often goes to Toy Fleamarket at CSC, you would not missed this new edition in that building.


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