Starwars Angry Bird Hasbro Toys

If you have not heard, Angry Bird is collaborating with Starwars to have their own toy series along with their game!

For the game, it will be release on 8th of November 2012.

For the toys, these are what you can expect. Firstly the Early Angry Bird Package with all Birds from the Starswars such as Luke, Leia, R2D2 and Chewy.

There are other stages of familiar starwars scene such as Obiwan vs Darth Vader on the death star 1 for Darth Vader's Lightsaber battle game.

Fight on Tatooine which Han hitting greedo.

Jabba's Place where Leia dressed as Bounty Hunter hit Jabba.

If you want to hit a bigger target, get AT-AT Attack Battle game with 12 characters.

There are some other game set for Jenga includes Tatoonie Battle game where dices come into play.

Also Jenga Hoth Battle Game...

If you want a bigger set, challenge the Jenga Death Star game!

For kids who want to really hit someone, it is safe to get the Jedi Slingshot to shoot at Darth Vader as target using the form balls with various character on it.

These are what hasbro has to offer for the toys for these crossover project. I am sure this produce some synergy of both franchises.

What do you think?


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