SR Elwing from Shining Tears

If you played Playstation RPG Shining Tears series, you would know Wind Elwing. A pretty is a Elf princess of Fontina. I happened to have her in a old gashapon series. So here is a review of this Gashapon.

The pose of this Elwing is lively like she is standing under a glaring hot sun using her one hand to block the sun and keeping one eye open.

Elwing has wings as her head band which look really good on her. Her costume are mainly earth tone (green and brown) which was fitting for an Elf who is one with nature.

For an Elf, her weapon of choice is a bow. I love the bow design as it is not conventional. It is simple but yet elegant. She do have some arrows on her quiver that she carry on her back.

She travel light (most Elf do) and her quiver and pouch are all leather. The Elf is known for their workmanship in craft.

Another signature of Elf are the boots. For a lady Elf, it is likely like boots.

I am quite disappointed with the facial paint job on Elwing face tho as she is neither cute nor as pretty as she is in the game. Then again I should not expect much for a capsule toy since their are some small.

With this pose, Elwing look good at this angle. You can see how happy she is.

Since she pose in this way, I decided to give some bright sunlight to make the shot more real. :P

Does this look good to you?

On the whole I am quite please with this Elwing for the design but now and then, the wings of her head band kept dropping off. Nothing a super glue cannot do.LOL

Are you a shining Tears fan?


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