Barbie Store in Malaysia

It is pretty rare to see a store that just sell Barbie and when I saw that store at KL Midway Valley, I know it's some girls dream comes true.

This is a specialized shop for all things Barbie with her signature color, PINK!! Yes it is so pinky!

There were Dvds of the series and watches on display.

Loads of Barbie dolls on sales.

One of the collection the world series where Barbie dress in different country costume. I think that can be consider cosplay.

There are also a special edition of Barbie in different era such as 1985 and 1966. All pretty rare including some Ken figures too.

If you are a member of the Barbie store, you can redeem some points to get some prizes.

Beside the dolls, you can doll up yourself with Barbie make up collection.

Try on the pretty dress on yourself.

if you are travelling overseas, how about this Barbie luggage? Pretty pink. :)

There are some sweets snacks by Barbie too.

The Barbie store offer photo shoot on the second floor where you or your daughter can dress up and take some sweet shots.

The store was looking for Barbie calaendar girl from the photo shoots..

All and all this would be a Barbie paradise for Barbie fan and it is in Malaysia which encourage go Green with their own recyclable bag.

Are you into Barbie? More info at

Honestly I am not into her.but she sure had a cool shop. :)


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