Arkham City Batman

One of the success game for Batman would be Batman Arkham City where the Batman finally show some brute fighting and less gadgets. I know some prefer the movie Batman but for me as far as Batman should be, Arkham City Batman should be the one as Super Hero in my opinion.
So when I saw this figure selling loose at a fleamarket, I just grab it!

Here is a full view of the classic suit of Batman in the game. Grey suit with black cape and mask.

This Batman is all about muscle rather than armored suit that look like muscles. As this Batman is more for melee, most of the deadly weapon is embedded on his gloves.

The Bat Utilities belt for the first time is more down to earth without any Bat logo and instead of black, the belt was gold and have many small compartments.

The Mask is a classic look too with limited neck movement and it is joined with the cape. If this suit is real, then it is pretty heavy.

For action pose, regardless of the good articulation option of this figure, somehow the figure only look good in certain pose. Here is Batman giving a punch.

Jumping down a building....

And more melee punches to your face.

I think this Batman will look really good against Bane.

Now it is for this Batman to meet my Joker.

Just like Joker quote in the movie The Dark Knight, these two characters complete each other.

And so this Batman complete my collection. Not to say I will not get anymore Batman but this Batman is one of the best Batman in my opinion. Batman in his Prime.

That being said, it is time for me to get more dose on the Batman game.

Are you a fan of this Batman and the game?


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