Android Series 3 out!

If you are a fan of Android toy, today will be the day for you to get your order from Dead Zebra shop at 11am EST. So here are the different Android design in this series with collaboration with various artists.

In series 3 there is a solid color RED which comes with 2/16 ratio.

An South African artist and toy designer KRONK created Escape Ape which the ratio is 1/16 ratio, while artist Sket One's created a glossy conman with pool cue and a hat with body painted a 8. Fitting for calling it a 8-Ball Hustler.

Another artist MAD created "cry-on" with a ratio of 1/16 inspired by spray paint. Artist kaNO put together this awesome Beastie Boys did a tribute to intergalactic rap superstar with a mic as a accessory with 1/16 ratio.

Barista Bot by Andrew Bell himself inspired by helping out his sister cafe and the black translucent
Nexus sports carries the latest generation flagship 4G LTE Nexus phone with a ratio of 2/16.

Sir Knightly Bild was designed Andrew Bell himself with 1/16 ratio. Artist Huck Gee created Professor Skully McRivethead with a chinese character "Death" on the forehead. Whoogle the Owl by Gary Ham with 2/16 ratio and  Pandroid by Kelly Denato comes a small pan flute which is 1/16 ratio.

Finally one of the best Android by Google. Inc. a clear Android that comes with a mini Android inside which is Green!

I deem this as the best and the hottest as this is 2 for the price of 1 and come on Mini Android with full articulation dude!! Ratio is 1/16. You must be very lucky to strike this one.

Are you an Android fan? :)


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