LEGO Lord of the Rings is out in Singapore

Just learn about this news that following Lord of the Rings LEGO is currently on sales at selected ToyRus such as Forum, Paragon and VivoCity.

First selling at retail pricing of  SGD$29.90 the Gandalf arrives which consist Gandalf the Grey and Frodo at the beginning of Lord of the Rings story.

For SGD$59.95 was Shelob attacks which is a big spider, Frodo, Sam and Gollum.

From Helms Deep, the attacking Urak-kai army assault which provide you 4 Urak-kai and 2 of them Rohan.  THis is going for SGD$79.90

 Attack on Weathertop where they come with 2 ringwraiths, Aargon and two hobbits at retail SGD $119.90

For the most dexule would be The Mines of Morai retail it as SG$159.90

If you are a fan of LOTR, get this series now!


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