LEGO® Life of George

This is a interesting game by LEGO and currently only available in iPhone/iPod Touch or select Android devices. If you are wondering if this is only a software game, then Yes but No as you need actual LEGO to play in the game.

You need to first purchase the actual game set that is around USD$30 at any LEGO stores.

With that you will need a camera smart phone and install the APP in either iPhone or Android devices. The game will be giving you instruction with timer to time how long will it take for you to complete the quiz and when you have done.

All you need to do is to take a photo using the camera and the timer will stop and points will be awarded

If you have play "Draw Something", this game also have likewise 2 Player mode which allow you to challenge another player who should also have the set of Life of George LEGO to compete with the timing of who finishes first.

It also allow you to create your own quiz for challenge one another. Sound fun?

Here is the video of the game play.

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