AFA MY + Gundam Mid-Year Challenge KL trip

Today we have a guest post by Mr. Brendan whom will be sharing with us this trip to AFA in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur over last weekend.

Over to Brendan.

My past weekend was a blast as I traveled to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore to attend Anime Festival Asia/AFA held at Putra World Trade Centre as well as Gundam Mid-Year Challenge 2012 at Sungei Wang Plaza.

I had a bad start on the first day(Saturday/9 June 2012) as upon my arrival, I missed the stage activities of AFA. However with the remaining time before the AFA Anisong concert, I skipped touring the AFA event area (since I will be able to do so the next day) and head to the Gundam event at Sungei Wang Plaza/Bukit Bintang.

This is the first time I attended a Gundam event in Malaysia and I was excited looking out for direction to the Gundam event location. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the stage with the event banner and Gundam Unicorn standees

The main highlight of the event is the Gundam model kit competition. There were many nice entries but only 1 Open Category  and 1 Junior Category entry will get the top prize for representing Malaysia in the upcoming Gundam Expo in Singapore.

Putting aside the fact that I’m a fan of Deathscythe Hell, this is one nicely done Deathscythe Hell

Another variant of Acguy.Doraemon+Acguy

There were other model kits on display as well (Gundam Seed, Gundam Unicorn and One Piece toy models).

Beside model kits display, there were model kits and merchandises on sale too. Gundam Unicorn movie 4 exclusive, LBX model kits and other models kits available for purchase

ROBOTé­‚’s and Gundam Age AG’s were available too! Limited Edition Unicorn Gundam and white Sazabi can be found as great offers!

It was a good experience visiting a Gundam event in another country. I did not know who won the prizes as I have other schedule to rush for on Sunday. I’m looking forward to Singapore Gundam Expo in September 2012 and perhaps a trip to another Gundam event in foreign country.

The first day ended great with the trip to Gundam Malaysia event, touring around the vicinity at both Bukit Bintang and PWTC and AFA Anisong concert.

On the 2nd day, I went to AFA event area to tour around while looking out for nice and unique cosplays. When I arrived, there were already lots of cosplayers and visitors around. Time for me to snap some pictures

I was glad to take these War Machine and Iron Man.

It’s nice to see these banners decorating the walkway to the event hall as direction for me a foreigner. You can see the highlights of the 2 days concert and activities as you walk down the walkway to the event hall

Like the previous AFA events, there were many booths featuring displays, merchandises and etc. Danny Choo had a booth for himself as well as Mirai-chan including a BMW with Mirai decal on it.

It is expected to see dolls at Danny Choo’s booth

Good Smile Company was there showcasing figurines such as nendoroids and figmas.

Bushiroad had its booth for the various Trading Card Games like Card Fight!! Vanguard.

KKnM was there as well. Alot of people were queuing to buy the merchandises.

During my walk-around, I saw a booth featuring Malaysia vocaloid club. I find it a good idea as hobbyists of any related kind can showcase their stuffs and perhaps have stuffs for sale, rather than just the involved brands and retailers. I saw these 2 sets of vocaloids, which I’m impressed (I hardly see many Kaito nendoroids together in a group).

La Tendo from Singapore was there with many item in price-slashing discount but I didn’t get anything there though.

This is the stage for the festival activities and where the concerts were held. I took a photo of Danny Choo and another guest during their stage interview.

After all the walk-around, I went for Day 2 concert and back to Singapore after the concert ended.

Overall, the 2-days trip was great. Many cosplayers whom I approached are friendly. I had much fun touring around PWTC and Bukit Bintang. I didn’t get lost a single time as the 2 event venues were nearby rail stations and easily to find and accessible. I didn’t buy much stuff from KL but I had a fruitful experience of how it is like to attend AFA in another country.

As I reached home to Singapore, I still had this re-entry stamp which remind me of the great 2-days KL trip.

Lastly, I would like to thank Open The Toy for this write-up opportunity and sharing with the readers about my trip to KL (Anime Festival Asia + Gundam Mid-Year Challenge).


It is a pleasure and joy to read Brendan to share with us his experience for AFA in Malaysia and the Gundam event. I sure wished I have time to attend this event especially foreign country to experience such events. I am pretty sure the atmopshere is there as I was there on the last Comic Fiesta 2011 in KL Malaysia and the fans and cosplayers are fantastic enjoying what they were doing. :)


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