Transformers Bot Shots Released in Singapore

As I was going for Toy Hunt last week, I discovered that the new Transformers series toys named BOT SHOTS just released in Singapore retail. The design look so SD and cute! What's more they are fun to play and collect too!

The Bot Shots series was a toy series in support of Hasbro online game (

Beside having Autobots and Decepticons team, these figures comes with regular packaging and some special ones which comes with the Launcher or to many we known as Trailers. The first two of the series is no other than Optimus Prime...

And Megatron which vehicle mode is Transformers movie, Dark of the moon series design, the trailer was quite different. A good thing is that they gave Megatron the G1 head. Super cool!

At the back of the packaging it has the summary of how to play the game from these toys.

Here is an official advertisement of what is this Botshots series about.

For single pack Decepticon is Thundercracker in G1 design totally!

Lockdown in Transformers Animated design

Barrage with Transformers Movie design...

And finally Starscream in his G1 design

For Autobots, there is Sentinel Prime in Transformers movie design with a special version as he is in translucent red! I guess he is special in this case.

Megatron in single pack is also in translucent. I guess they wanted to get collectors to collect different variant.

Bubblebee was given the G1 head which I really love while the vehicle was more of Transformers Movie Dark of the Moon vehicle design.

There are much more characters in retails which I had not cover and more to come in the future release.

This line certainly get me interested for it's design and most of all the price point for kids.

That being said, I will be doing a review of these guys this week. So come back and check it out later!

Guess which one will I start the review on?


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