Transformers Bot Shots Optimus Prime Launcher

When you see Optimus Prime and a trailer, a true Transformers fan will be tempted to get it. So how can I resist this set when I saw it on retail?

On the packaging, it stated clearly that the trailer is a Launcher that will launch Optimus Prime in vehicle mode to speed. If that is not enough for you, the battle is done by crashing each other in vehicle mode. Now how cool is that?!

At the back of the packaging are the status of this Optimus Prime which in Hand to Hand melee 920 points, Blaster or Gun mode 450 points and Saber mode 280. Not to mention Optimus Prime hauls his trailer into battle.

Now it is a norm that most toys were produced in China but for these series, it is made in Vietnam. Surprise? Well I am. Not that I am complaining as the quality of these series is quite good.

Time to Open the Toy and first off let's check out Optimus Prime in bot mode.

This Optimus Prime is mainly in G1 design for head and some part of the body. 

The standard Red and blue color stand out for Optimus Prime and with a large base, Optimus Prime can balance well as a bot mode.

On the flip side from his back, you basically see the whole vehicle mode.

Now there is a filp-able chest piece that consist of the 3 different status of Optimus Prime power for the game.

Optimus Prime cuteness is to max in vehicle mode. You can see it has became a SD Truck.The triggering point for the transformation is the front bummer.

Just press that front bummer, the whole vehicle will change to robot mode instantly. Personally, I love the Autobots logo that is on it.

As a truck, this Optimus Prime had already carry a mini trailer.

Here is how Optimus Prime looks with it back fliping in vehicle mode.

But that will be in pale comparing to the ultimate trailer for Optimus Prime. The big red logo of the Autobots so proudly wear that on!

To engage Optimus Prime with the trailer, all you got to do is to match nicely.

Once it had link up with the trailer, the full glory of Optimus Prime is up!!

Here is how the bottom of this mode look like. All in all, in this mode, there are only 6 moveable wheels while they had total of 10 wheels.

Now on the Trailer itself, we know that it is a launcher. To open up the trailer there are two ways. One is to press the canon looking point on top. The whole trailer will just spring open.

Another way is to press the bummer at the back of the trailer.

The trailer will opened up and you can see two blaster canons that allow you to pull it out 
Now all cannons are equipped.

To set the launcher, you just need to pull the stand back and if it further enough, it will locked into position for you to load Optimus Prime.

With that, you are ready to Roll out into battle!

With the click on the button, off it goes!

Finally here is a short view of Optimus Prime Launcher in action!

Well I will certainly get some more Bot Shots as my son love this series already as he is now playing with it.

Do this review make you fall in love with this series too?


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