Say Hello to McDonaldland Hello Kitty Singapore

Say Hello Kitty again!

Remember the Hello Kitty frenzy at McDonald's 12 years ago to celebrate the crossing of the Millennium with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dressed in wedding attires of different cultures?

Well, there's good news for Hello Kitty fans! McDonald's is partnering with Sanrio to introduce its first ever Limited Edition McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toys!

Each McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toy is available at S$3.60 each with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal (EVM) and customers are entitled to purchase one toy with every EVM purchased. So remember to order UP-size to be able to get this kitty.
Alternatively, customers can also purchase the toys separately at S$9 each.

Please take note of the date of release respectively.

Hamburglar Hello Kitty - 17 May to 23 May

Grimace Hello Kitty - 24 May to 30 May

Birdie Hello Kitty - 31 May to 6 June

Ronald Hello Kitty - 7 June to 13 June

What are you waiting for? Start queuing at McDonald's already! Whilst stocks last!

Are you getting them all?  Meow~~


Unknown said…
What was under the hello kitty toys.
LEon said…
Jamrxx in the first photo it was just cardboard cloud for decoration at mcdonalds.
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Are there a set of boy toys and these are girls toys or are deez the only toy?

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