When Sony rolled out their first Playstation in the mid 1990s and I was proud to own one of them and spend many hours on some instant classic games like Tombraider, Final Fantasy VII and much more. When Sony rolled out PS2, the original Playstation was given a name as PSOne.

Recently PSOne was been produced in a series of capusle toys and I managed to got hold on one of it. 

The capsule consist of the main set, one controller and 1 CD of Playstation game.

The game CD I got was Arc the Lad. I never got a chance to play this game in my old PSone. The cover of the CD is the exact replicate of the actual game box artworks.

Back then most of the RPG were in Japanese and it took a long while to see English version producing.

Let's continue with the accessory before moving to the main set. Next would be the controller.

This controller design basically set a guideline to the future controller design.

The L1 and L2, R1 and R2 came in handy on much action game.

Next would be the memory card. This is where you saved your game.

Back then one memory card is around 8MB capacity and we have to pay like $50 for one.

The front panel has 4 opening which 2 are for the memory card reader and the other 2 for controllers.

The top is for insert of memory card for Player 1 (left) and Player 2 (right)

The bottom are for the controllers for Player 1 and 2.

The power and reset buttons are on the left and when the power is On, the green LED will light up on the actual station but on this capsule toy, it is always painted green.

On the right is the Open button and if you press on it, the cover of PSOne will open up. This toy do not have that function but the button is there for cosmic purposes.

When the cover is opened up, you will see the len of PSone.

Insert the CD in and start the game if you like.

At the back panel are the connectors to the TV. The connection is S-Video.

Not forgetting there on the right is the power plug.

I don't remember seeing much on the bottom of PSOne.

Finally a size comparison on this capsule toy for PSOne with my hand.

Looking at this PSOne brought me back to the years I owned this console. I had many happy times with this Playstation.


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