Jailbird Jack Playmobil

Hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more no more!

Don't ask me why I sung this song as I review this Playmobil but somehow that song just popped up.

Meet the Mr. Jailbird that I called him Jack and this is a review about him.

I tired my luck on a blind packed Playmobil fi?ures and this was what I got. A man in full jailbird black stripes clothing. As a prisoner, I have to do a Mug shot of him. Nothing personal as this is the procedure for all law offenders. :P

Beside having a hat with white base and black stripes, this figure only come with one accessory who is the chain iron ball. This was designed to slow down the prisoner in case he wanted to escape.

The only thing unique about this figure is to have double expression on one head back to back. Rather innovative. )

If you must know, according to the history, one such uniform is considered as a dress code of shame.

With the iron weight ball,  generally restrict the movement of the prisoners and thus they like to sit around and wait for something else happening.

In the end of the day, you need not have to ask to know what Jack really want.

Now I wonder what offense had he made that landed him in Prison?


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