Gundam Unicorn 5 Offers

We are just a 3 more days away from the screening of Gundam Unicorn episode 5.

So around this time, many Gundam fans would like to know what are the special offers or exclusive for model kit. So here are what is on offer during this period of time.

Let's talk about exclusive and this offers only available on that day while stock last at Isetan at Shaw Lido building, Toy Department (fourth floor). While stock last.

This time round is a Clear version for Banshee in Destroy mode in HG scale.

If you would like to get the Blu-ray for episode 5, it is only on sale there on that day while stock last.

There will be two pre-order like HGUC RAAS-96 Anksha which will be releasing this month. This is a duel mode mecha.

In June will be ReZEL as Defensor B-Unit. Duel mode as well.

As we all know by now, there will be 2 more episodes to go for this series. Don't miss it and catch up if you can!


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