G.I.Joe: Retaliation Toys is here

The G.I.Joe Retaliation toys are out in Singapore retail such as ToysRus and the series are rather interesting.

Everyone was looking out the second installment of G.I.Joe movies which by the way having the ROCK as the main lead together with Bruce Willis another seasoned action stars. That should be a success formula. Originally set to be 29 June 2012 release now got delayed to March 2013! That's a whole 9 months but the toys hit our shore a couple of weeks ago!

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Since the toys are in the market, I wonder without the movie for these 9 months, will the toys still be selling well? Anyway here is the sharing of what the new G.I.Joe have to offer.
There are pretty much range of these line. First off, let me go with the figures. The basic 3.75 inches figures.

Starting with team G.I.Joe, Snake eyes and Roadblock and like the previous G.I.Joe, they were given much accessories.

A close up of Roadblock in that figure and the likeness was not really there.

Next is one of the hot figure if you asked me. The Cobra Commander and I just love his new Snakelike Helmet. Please keep the helmet on in the movie as that is how Cobra commander suppose to be.

Next team Venom Ninjas like Storm Shadow and Zartan with lot of faces and head given to change his looks.

For army building, the Cobra Troopers! They have the classic fun parachute features. Brilliant!

There are also a box set for the 3 ninjas in G.I.Joe series.

If you want bigger display figures, there are Snake Eyes and Roadblock round 12 inches sizes. They come with electronic voice player as well from the lines from the movie.

How can G.I.Joe comes not with vehicles? From Venom, the H.I.S.S Tank!

On the water, there is Cobra Fangboat!

For Snake eyes we have to a Ninja Commando 4x4 

If you like to role player, there are G.I.Joe masked such as Snake eye and Storm Shadow

There is Nerf foam sword just for Snake eye.

There offer the whole Snake eye set too. Look fun for kids!

Nerf offers more arms for kids to get into the action beginning with short range

and also longer range arms like Ninja Commmando Blaster

Overall Hasbro done a good job to provide various range of toys for this delayed movie.
Well I guess we all have to wait for March 2013 to catch this movie.

I am pretty sure the Rock is doing the following expression when he hear about the movie will be delay for another 9 months.

Disclaimer: The above image is not a variant in the line as it is fictional. It would be good to have this tho. 

Do you agree? LOL


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