Bandai Thundercats finally in Singapore

Bandai Thundercats finally reached Singapore and currently on sales in various retail outlet. With teh new and old goodies! Ho!!!

Firstly let us talk about the New Thundercats that is by Bandai.

There are various version in this toy line,  starting from the 4" figures which comes in individual card package such as Lion-O and Tygra...

Wilykat and the big size Panthro

Cheetara, Mumm-Ra (untransformed form) and Wilykit.

There are a more deluxe with light up bases for display purposes for collectors which cost a bit more.

The 4" line comes with vehicle version too such as the Lizards

For Thundercats, there are the Thunder Tank with interactive features with the figures!

There are also Tower of Omen for kids to play out a face off between Mumm-Ra and Thundercats.

Bandai also offers a 6" figures with better details.

How can we forget the sword of Omen? Well Bandai did a children version of both sword and Claw.

If you are more serious about getting a more realistic sword, there is a fully extendable sword. I can imagine it is pretty fun.

If you are into the generation one Thundercats, There are currently vintage Lion-O and Tygra. I reviewed this version of Lion-O not too long ago and he is pretty worth it.

Thundercats are now out in retails in Singapore. Do check out and grab some if you are a Thundercats fan!


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