Attended Gundam Unicorn Episode 5 Screening

Just came back from the awesome Gundam Unicorn episode 5 screening at Shaw Lido Singapore today. Indeed it was a great experience once again to join with Gundam fans to catch this on big screen.

It was just 930am in the morning at when I was there, I saw a long queue of Gundam fans redeeming their tickets. I was early, there were much earlier than me!! 

But the earliest goes to the organizers of Bandai Singapore and Sheng Tai Toys as their workers arrived early to pack the gift pack which consist of the Gundam Unicorn 5 booklet original from Japan, the movie poster and SD Gundam game.

As the fan redeeming the tickets, they were each given a lucky draw coupon to fill in their particular for after the show, there will be bonus lucky draw in appreciation for their support and added fun.

The screening was very organized as the fans orderly enter the cinema even thought it was free seating. Everyone chit chat about Gundam as we are waiting for show to start. The crowd was a mixed age group from children, teens to mature adults.

Warning spoiler ahead...

Regarding episode 5, it is more exciting than the previous episode as the Banagher Links is certain of his purpose to save and protect Audrey Burne. At the other end, Riddhe Marcenas got reject by Audrey as he was trying to protect her and that turned him against Banagher. As expected Riddhe would be turning to the dark side by piloting Banshee Unicorn.

As Audrey was escaping, Banagher triggered the next level of Gundam Unicorn mode turning red to green. As they were over powered, Neo Zeon came into the scene with Sinanju gracing the ending screen with his bazooka shot! The episode ended in a high note.

After the movie as the credit roll the lucky draw was conducted. There were 4 HG and 3 grand prizes to giveaway and everyone was so excited. All prizes were given away and the bonus was those who attended the screening can get 30% off all regular items Gunpla at Isetan toy departments.

Speedily fans hurried to the toy department and crowd around the Gunpla area to get the limited edition HGUC Banshee Unicorn and other limited items.

Even it was crowded, there was no conflict as fans got what they wanted and orderly queue up for payment.

The 30% discount was a big encouragement to get the Gunpla which they missed previously and everyone was happy.

I guess the big selling kit for this episode should be Banshee Unicorn and I have to admit that Banshee is cool!

The next episode will be in first quarter of 2013 and it will be a long time but till then, I know Gundam fans will wait.

Do you agree?


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