Roman Soldier Playmobil

I always have a liking on Roman Soldier and since today is a Good Friday, it is time for me to review one of my Roman Soldier Playmobil.

This Roman Soldier of my review come as a single figure in pack which is a Playmobil Special.

Although as a single pack, this playmobil has quite a number of accessories.

In my opinion, these accessories makes a complete Roman Soldier as we know it. This is a Roman Infantry Soldier that comes with spear, shield, helmet and a sword.

Roman soldier in history dressed in scarlet and in this Playmobil a based color of his uniform. The silver scale armor are painted on it's body. He comes with a leather looking belt for sheathing the sword.

I would expect the feet of the soldier to be silver as armor but it was black which kinda look odd to me.

One of the armor pieces that signify the Roman should be the helmet design. The horse like mane of the helmet is a classic and as a young boy, I like the helmet design.

The helmet fit nicely on the head and instantly gave a smart look for the roman soldier.

As an Infantry, the soldier were armed with a long spear for fighting the enemies on horses and keeping the distance.

It can also used as a missile weapon to launch the spear toward the enemies. A trained soldier only will take that chances as that could be just for one shot.

Since we are at the topic of spear, you may heard of story about the spear having to play a part in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ  according to the bible. A spear was pierced into the side of the Jesus Christ for verification to see if Jesus was truly dead before getting his body down the cross.

That spear later became an artifact known as Holy lance. Now how true of the spear having power is one thing but it drives many to get the believe that if they have this spear, they would have victory always. Of course such were just speculation.

As a infantry unit, having a full length shield is important for self defense such as standing your ground and against arrows from the sky. The full length shield can be heavy but it could save one life should it put into good used.

For close combat, spear will be totally out of the question. The soldier best bet will be his sword skill.

A good soldier will always keep his sword in excellence condition such as sharpening it. 

With the full set of infantry equipments, the roman soldier is ready for duty.

It's pretty odd to have a single roman solder standing alone. Maybe I should get more. Till then,

Happy Good Friday everyone!


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