The Playmobil that is known as Vader

According to much Playmobil news, there is a Vader looking Playmobil in series 2 ...

I was lucky to get my hand on one to see this Vader for myself. Behold, Vader.... * Heavy breathing....*

The question I asked myself why on earth anyone will call him as Vader? No doubt he is wearing a black suit but he is not entirely black. In face, he wore silver looking boots which is way cooler than Darth Vader himself.

Now maybe it could be the helmet but personally I find the helmet is more to the old battle star galactica cylons if you asked me.

Even when it was wore on, you can see his eyes unlike Darth Vader. There seems to be some circuit diagram on his chest and belt which suggest some mechanical suit like Darth Vader...

His choice of weapon would be a range weapon which has a twin blaster barrel. More straight to the point than a light saber.

Now like Vader, you can unmasked him and you will discover the appearance would give you quite a shock like the first time you saw Darth Vader unmasked. Instead of a human face, you will get to see an Alien!

However no Alien I have seen have such style. Just looked at his layer of haircut. It actually look pretty cool! Don't you agree?

Overall this figure has just the right of amount of accessories which is good enough for playing and presentation.

Now I guess I will still called him Vader as I couldn't find any other name that suit him for now. :)

Last but not least on the subject on the "hidden" code of such blind pack, there was none as I discover the number printed was more to batched number than singling it out the content of the package. Although I hope such information is true and make collector life more easier but it was not...

So if you really want some figure, you can stretch out your feeling on your finger tips and feel some parts which you think your choice of figure would have and go from there.

Would you like to have a Vader too?


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