Disney Mini Figure World Event Review

Here is a short review on Play Imaginative event of the launch of Disney Mini Figure World Event which is currently on till 15th April 2012, 10am – 9pm dailyat Suntec City Mall, Last Mile Atrium (Outside HSBC/Joe and Dough).

There are lots of display not only for the 25 Disney figures but other Disney stuff as well! Let's talk about the Disney Mini Figure first. Firstly would be Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Followed by baby Mickey and Donald and one of the popular Chip and Dales. Cute!

Daisy, Donald Duck and Goofy

Stitch, Pirate Pluto and Pirate Mickey mouse

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

Not forgetting the princesses 

Chicken little seems lost by all the overwhelming figures

Now the event exclusive is the Black and White Mickey

There were a master pieces limited edition of Mickey Mouse x Pinocchio Fibreglass Figure. It was quite big when I saw it in real life. You can placed your order then.

Other Mickey on sale include the following of Mickey variant

One of the popular model in the series is this.

There were others custom from other artists with some unique design such as this Pikachu looking.

Chocolate Mickey head on the plate.

Here is Caramelaw Mickey Mouse which we featured before.

One that excite me was Oswald. If you have played Epic Mickey, you may heard about him.

Some of these entries may one day become another series of Mickey Mouse for those who wanted to own one of them

There were other great pieces but I only managed to take these. Head down to the event and see for yourself!!


Tenniel Tsang said…
Still have chance to get the big mickey pinocchio figure?
LEon said…
Hi Tenniel, this post has been done couples of years back and at such I am not certain if this figure still on sales. You may check with PlayImaginative (Just google it) on that. But the figure is a big scale figure which is like 1:1 scale.

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