Daiso Display Case for 3.3/4 inches figure

As I am a toy collector who opened my toys. Getting them to display need a lot of space. Therefore I am always on a look out for good display box or stand and one of those places I get economical cases would be Daiso.

Daiso is a Japanese outlet that sell useful and low prices day to day items. In Singapore itself, there are a couple of outlets which sell everything at a flat rate of SGD$2 and they do sell some display cases.  I bought a couples of such cases but I can never find those that can fit 3.75 inches figures such as Hasbro starwars figures. Only when I travel to Malaysia Daiso, I got to see the bigger cases that cost a bit higher than Singapore (after conversion about SGD $5).

As you can see, this display cost 420 YEN and it has a width of 32.7cm.
The design allow the cases to stack on each other even when they are different width.

The design of the case is simple and the material is steady.

Nnotice there comes with 2 levels for figures to be easily view.

With the cover on, the height of the 3.75 inches figures just nicely closed and sealed.

The display stand allow you to put in any figure with height lesser than 3.75 inches and they look great in the display.

With these display cases, it allow me to have more rooms to display other figures in an orderly fashion. Sadly such measurement cases were not found in Singapore but in Malaysia Daiso due to the pricing. I wouldn't mind to pay more for bigger casing for my Toys.

Would you?


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