Bootleg "KRE-O" Transformers

When some toys get popular, it is easy to see bootleg of that series to be on the open market. One of the recent I discovered was bootleg Kre-O Transformers.

Being not that original product, the toy do not totally resemble official Transformers Kre-O series. But the indication is there. Just look at the below photo of the simple box.

Similar to Kre-O, this lego or brick type of constructing toys can built to be vehicle or robot mode. Like Kre-o, they comes with small, medium and big box version. The photo above was the small version. From that picture, it is a good guess to think that should be Optimus Prime like.

Below is the Bumblebee version of the same class. Although the robot and the vehicle do not really look like Bumblebee but the naming convention coincidentally sound a like in Chinese.

Notice the English wording at the lowest line, the font is the same Transformer's font from the movie.

The pricing was also cheap too for these toys. Although I cannot expect a good quality product for that pricing. It is a calculated risk for the buyer.

Do you consider these as bootleg related to Transformers?


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