Asmus Toys 1/6 Slam Dunk Sakuragi Hanamichi

A good news to Slam Dunk Manga and Anime lovers as the lead Sakuragi Hanamichi for the first time will be produced in a 1/6th figure. How cool is that?

This toy is manufacture by Asmus Toys and it capture much of the ascents of Sakuragi character in the Manga and Anime.

The figure will comes with Red Shohoku number 10 basketball team uniform, basketball, Sneakers and two swappable hands.

To pay proper tribute to the Manga and Anime, Sakuragi will come with 3 head which is the serious one as above....

The unhappy or mad expression...


And not forgetting the Cute Cheeky Happy face....

With these 3 expression, the complete Sakuragi expression is here.

There are also another set of Warm up uniform set accessories which does not come with the figure as this is just an add on. It will comes with Printed T-shirt, Trousers, basketball sneakers and a Basketball

With these add on, it sure make Sakuragi more alive like walking out of the Anime into your toy collection.

This is a wonderful set which is good for Slam Dunk fan and the price remain affordable. This figure will be releasing in June 2012.

Now you can get him to slam dunk!!


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