Android Robot Colors Mascot Capsule

Sometime ago, I read Bandai was releasing the first series of Android as Robot Colors Mascots as key chains.

The whole series had 10 design including the classic green.

I didn't managed to get the whole set that time but I saw the capsule machine last week and decided to have 2 tries. I got the two designs which are a Coffee Android and the black Smart Android.

The beauty of this Android is able to turn the head and articulate both arms.

The scale of these key chain are much smaller than the famous Vinyl. Just look at the size.

You may notice by now where are the legs of Android? Don't worry, these Android do come with legs.

When you lift it up, the legs will just hang down.

The Coffee Android have more feature in design. Not only the logo is so much Coffee brand looking...

At the back of this design, there was ordering feature just like marking the customer coffee order.

These is a interesting series for Android lovers and my hat off to Bandai for doing these wonderful Android. I would expect there will be more coming.

At the end of this review, here is a joke for Android lovers (Only they will understand this Joke I think)

Do you get the Joke? :P


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