Whats on sale at Cybertron Con 2012

Beside the exclusives at Cybertron Con 2012, here are some of the merchandise on sale at the first day of the opening.

The latest wave 2 of Transformers Prime was there.

There are also TakaraTomy first edition Transformers Prime series on sales and the pricing vary as some of them in the same retail are selling much more higher than the others in the series.

Transformers Generation series at open market values...My guess these stocks are provided from some vendors....

So it is no surprise to see some vintage collection Mint in seal boxes.

Some leader class and Master Pieces too!

The much talked about Transformers luggage bag were on sale there too just waiting for you to bring it home or overseas.

Do you know Transformers had their own cell phone? This was the first time I saw it and no, it is not a smart phone. If you are thinking asking of the phone can transformed into a Robot, the answer is no. If it can, I bet many fans will be dying to get one regardless it is not a smart phone.

There are T-shirts for Adults from Generation 1 up to the recent Movie edition.

For the kids, they got the latest Transformers Prime design which I find the design stylish and I would not mind to wear some of the design. Hehehe

There are also a Prototype huge Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from Calibre with light up eyes

Here are more details on the Bumblebee and this huge Transformers can pose but can not be transformed.

In general if you are well versed in the market pricing of this toy line, the prices at the convention is higher than retail in general. I believe the toy prices can go a little lower on two accounts.

One the visitor paid for the ticket to get into the Con and the other, Hasbro was there supporting this event. Well just my 2 cents.


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