Tranformers Animated Deluxe Ironhide

After some waiting and thanks to a fellow toy blogger from Toys N' more, I finally got another Transformers Animated figure which I am looking for some time.

Meet the Autobot Ironhide from Cybertron.

Now many who have not seen the series maybe wondering how odd Ironhide vehicle mode should be. The truth is this Cybertronian Minibus model is from Cybertron and apparently this is a popular model as even Ratchet in Cybertron version was in this vehicle model .

Here is the proof as the instruction of Ironhide was actually having picture of Ratchet which gave me a shocked thinking it was a packaging error. However after some examination, Hasbro actually reuse the instruction sheet as the body of Ratchet and Ironhide were the same just different color scheme and head.They bother to change the name but not the photo of the vehicle....*face palm*..

Ironhide wore the Autobot logo proudly in the front of the vehicle.

Ironhide is driven by tracker belt on all fours in animated series. This gave him a good grip while traveling in various terrains.

As a toy, the movement was actually run by the small wheels hidden at the tracker.

At the back of the Ironhide, there are two plate which can be remove off his back. The usage of these plates will be explained later.

Let's get it Transform first. :)

The transformation was moderate but it take shorter time for sure from Vehicle to Robot mode than Robot to Vehicle mode.

Here is Ironhide in his robot mode which he look bulky for having a big top.

Regardless of having thin legs, the figure in robot mode balance pretty well.

Now here is a closed up on Ironhide head and facial expression which was one of the kind. See his grim?

From the side view of Ironhide's head, it was centenarian looking.

Remember about the Metal plates earlier in the review? The purpose of these plates were to give Ironhide more damage with his pure arm to arm combat.

When both hands are mounted with "Iron" plates, beware of Ironhide's punches which will be damaging.

Since this Ironhide share the same body mold of Cybertron Ratchet, he too has a opening on his left arm.

For that, you can fit in the electromagnetic pulse from Lockdown.

See how well it fits?

Regardless of having electromagnetic pulse, Ironhide still enjoyed best with his Iron plates punches.

Ironhide staying true to his motto: "High tech circuitry is no replacement for guts!"

I am thankful to have this Ironhide in my collection since I am a lover of the animated series. :)

Do you like Ironhide in this series too?


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