Starwars Lego R2-D2 coming

Starwars LEGO has come a long way producing popular Starwars characters, vehicles and weapons.

This coming May 2012, Starwars fan can get the release of a big scale R2-D2.

This impressive R2-D2 complete model when done has a width of 20cm and the height is approximately 32cm.

As much it's having  movie accurate, it comes with retractable third leg to simulate standing and 360-degree rotatable R2-D2 head.

In the movie, R2-D2 comes with load of gadgets and much of these were at the front panels hidden inside some of it's parts.

Below is a video of the design and how two designers work together and what is their comments on this R2-D2 LEGO designers. 

Impressive isn't it? The actually product will be releasing in May 2012 with a price tag of USD $179.99 per set.

Is this droid what you are looking for?


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