Plaza Singapura Gundam AGE Promotion

Since it is a week of school holidays, it is time for some activities and Plaza Singapura is having one this week from 12th to 18th March 2012 . At the ground level, there are Gundam AGE promotion with lots of preview pieces and Gunpla on sale.

Starting with 1/48 MEGA SIZE MODEL Gundam AGE-2 Norma which is on having 20% off at the event.

SD Titus Gundam AGE which is on sale with SD Gundam AGE as a boxset

Master Grade Gundam AGE-1 Titus which is coming

Gundam AGE-1 Titus from Robot damashii series coming

The Gundam AGE Head Collection which is currently on sale and Preorder of HG 1/144 AGE-2 Double Bullet which is another Transformable Gundam

There are some fun activities like free play of Gage-ing Battle

Simple instruction where the machine will scan the Gundam token on the model kit

That is correct. The Token is in the Gundam. Cool right? It is Free to play!

If your kid never done a model kit before, you can sign him up for the short workshop for just SGD $6!! There have a time table and there are Model kit workshop for adults too.

Beside selling of Model kit, there are Gashapon machine of Gundam too. Such as the latest Mono eye series 5

And this interesting Zaku hanging doll.

At the same floor area, there are another group of activities of Vanguard Tournament.

Pocket of groups were challenging each other from kids and teenagers. The cards with the Anime characters look interesting and the players are well trained to play a match is a quick speed. We are talking about tournament here nonetheless.

So if you are free during this weekend, consider to drop by this event and see what is happening there. :) It looks fun.


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