Not so Saber?

Ever since years ago that I watched Fate Stay Night, Saber was one of the character that I like in that series. Saber was always serious looking dressed in full armor dressings.  If I would think of Saber, below are some of images that comes into my mind.

When Wave which produce Beach Queen series introduce the Saber, I cannot accept this is the actual  Saber.

Firstly Saber that I know never look so cheerful and secondly, the Saber that I know do not have such "asset"...

Actually this Saber was based on the illustration drawn by Takashi Takeuchi used in TYPE-MOON 2011 issue.

Compare to another Saber from Wave back in August 2010, that version I can still see the resemblance of Saber.

Anyway this new version of 1/10 Saber figure will only be release in September 2012 and the price point is 3900 Yen. If you like it, go and get it.


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