Lego minifigure 6 Skater Girl

Lego minifigure series 6 have a couple of interesting characters which I wanted for my collection such as Roman soldier or the Lady Liberty. I was kinda on a rush when I saw some blind pack on sales and without figuring much, I simply wanted to test my luck for getting what I have desire.

Most of those in the series isn't that bad. Lot of action heroes figures in this series. So what are the changes to not get what I wanted right?

Behold. I got the punky skater girl. Not really what I wanted but I can't complain.

Now her dye fringe remind me very much of Rogue in the movie X-men.

Another thing that cracked me up was the skull looking shirt that she wore. Did you see the bow ribbon on the skull. That make it look sweet rather than deadly. So wrong.

At the back of her shirt was a hood. She has no problem balancing on the skate.

There are a couple of Punk decals on the roller skate too such as the bat wing heart and the star lego Skull. Great attraction for bad boys.

For play, you can push the skate and she will roll away.

Now looking at it as a whole, I would think the skate to be pink would be better than being white as it doesn't match her style and clothing.

What do you think?


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