Cybertron Con 2012 Special Edition Set

As I have previously spoken, Every Optimus Prime have to come with trailer.

The first exclusive set for Cybertron Con 2012 is voyager Optimus Prime with trailer in Singapore Universal studio edition!!

This exclusive comes with a Limited Edition commemorative coin with Cybertron Con and face of Optimus Prime.

The trailer had the imprinted Universal Studios Singapore Transformers the Ride!

If you have notice the box imprinted both Hasbro and TakaraTomy logo.

To add on to the collection excitement,  the first 100 of box set will be autographed by Hideaki Yoke, the lead designer of Transformers in Takara and Transformers team from Hasbro. These will also bear serial numbers 001 - 100.  So queue up for these Transformers fan!!

If you are into T-shirt, there will be Cybertron Con 2012 t-shirt as well.

As of this time, no pricing was mention. More update Transformers fan!!

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