Cybertron Con 2012 is Here

Cybertron Con is finally here in Singapore. I hardly wake up early Sunday morning but for Cybertron Con 2012, I have no complaint. I was excited to meet up with other Transformers fans to see what Cybertron Con 2012 have in store. :)

All my sleepiness went away when I reached the event area surrounded by blogger friends and Transformers fan. I was put to shame when I realized there were other transformers fans and collectors who queue up last night for the exclusive toy! The first in queue was my friend Brendan who was the first in queue all dressed up with G1 Optimus Prime T-shirt!! My salutation to him for his determination and willingness to pay the price for the exclusive.

* The others behind him turned away as too shy to face the camera.

The only different beside the packaging of the exclusive is the design of Universal Studio Singapore Transformers the Ride being imprinted on the Trailer of Optimus prime.

The opening was grand with loud cheering from Transformers fans by Hasbro and Universal Studio.

Now one of the main attraction for Transformers fan for this Cybertron Con would be the Transformers toys from the G1 till now. Therefore beginning of the entrance, it is like a memory lane for G1 fans...

The amount of Transformers in the series only one word I can think of to describe it.

Transformers PORN.

Beast wars!!!

Transformers Animated

Like some would call these series as "Bayformers" series one....

Master Pieces!!!

Sound blaster!! I missed you so much!!

Grimlock took the words out of many who was trying to take a decent photo of the collection on display there because of the golden lighting that reflected on the glass displayed...

The only photo that will not be affected would be these Golden edition. LOL

Disney crossed over...

Finally the latest Transformers Prime!

Please note there more Transformers photos on display but it is just impossible to take photo of everyone of it and show here.

Beside toys, there were game station for Transformers fan to try out the various Transformers games.

Talking about Games, there was a challenge for the fastest fingers to transformers a transformer. Even the crew was well trained to take on you.

So here are the hint if you want to win, is to do it real fast which took practices. So here is the toy that you need to practice. Deluxe Transformers Prime BumbleBee!!

Not forgetting the real metal 1:1 Optimus Prime that is there towering over the convention centre.

Mr. Hideaki Yoke, the lead designer of Transformers was there putting his autograph on the limited edition patiently.

True enough, Brendan walked away as the first one to get the autographed version. Congrats!!

I will continue on the event tomorrow. Look out for it. :)


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