Cybertron Con 2012 Hasbro & TakaraTomy Interview

Firstly I have to apologize for publishing this interview so late after the Cybertron Con 2012 as it take much of time to write down the interview as it was recorded in Audio. Originally wanted to put the Audio out but some of the recording had too much background noise.

Anyway I managed to join in the panel interview as a media for the opening and with other media having a chance to have exclusive interview with some of the guest from Hasbro and TakaraTomy during the opening of Day 1.

Although the interview is serious, having the close session make us quite comfortable with each other. Please note that due to the limitation of the time, these are just some questions are posted to them by other media as well.

The interview was with Mr. Takashi kikuchihara, Deputy Manager of Transformers Research and Development and Ms. Kei ikezawa from Transformers marketing team. Some of the question post are from other media in this interview.

How long does it take to do a product from the concept to the end?
The timing will vary depending on the product line but generally it will take one year such as Master Piece.

I understand that TakaraTomy was in-charged in designing the character transformation in Transformers Animated, What about Transformer Prime? Who made the characters and Transformation?
The design of the robot and vehicle mode was given by Hasbro and we design the transformation but the design could change during the transformation and we will present that to Hasbro and working with Hasbro together. So it's both.

Are there any inspiration you draw on in designing Transformers?
We don't get inspired by something specific but we do change the design with the time and thrends.

In the series of TakaraTomy Alternity series, you used the design of vehicle like Suzuki Swift, Mazda 8. What actually affect your choice to make Suzuki Swift as Bumblebee? 
There are two reasons for that. First the Suzuki Swift design is suitable for Bumblebee and second it was the trend of that time. That's why we choose Suzuki Swift as Bumblebee.
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Do the decision of having Suzuki Swift has to do with the ease of licensing for the vehicle design as it was a Japanese car?
That could be one of the reason. *everyone in the room laugh*

The next interview was with Jerry Jiovin, TRANSFORMERS Global Brand Director and Aaron Archer Vice President Design and Development Hasbro.

Why are there human emphasis in the series rather than Transformers itself?
The human element is there as modern show today have children watching and having human give them something relate to watch as 20 feet metal robots can be intimating without the human as ambassador. Since it is based on earth, we need the human element to be in it.

In these span of 5 years, there seems to be many duplicates of characters in different series franchise like the movie, animated and Transformers Prime. Will there be a possibility to have other characters beside Optimus prime and Megatron for the Autobots and Decepticon to have a own series?
There is so much of the stories to purposely go away from the characters and story so that maybe too much.

For Transformer Prime series, will there be a possible to see Dinobots or Constructicons?
Neither of them are in the plan but we hope to bring the classic part of the brand, we hope to bring back.

Will there be cross over like in the comic book like with Marvel characters?
We wanted to plant our leg firmly before we participate that kind of crossover. We need something of value to bring it to that property rather than taking the other property over to us. At this point we are all on par for that. You may get to see some of that in comic book.

In your opinion, what make Transformers franchise endured for almost 3 decades?
Two things. One good storyline and other will be the human love to solve puzzle and figuring out how things works. It is a compiling play pattern.

That is all for the interview that I have joined. It is good to have some of my questions being answered. :)


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