09 March 2012

All Hail Megatron!!

Previously I have asked the question if Megatron and Optimus Prime will have a fight, who will win? So here are the results....
On the right, the fearsome Megatron, leaders of the Decepticon.

And on the right, Optimus Prime the rightous leader of the Autobots.

Let the Battle begin!!

Optimus Prime was fast to throw a punch to Megatron....

Megatron return with a KICK that stunt Optimus Prime for a while...

Megatron grab Optimus Prime in position to have his ways...

* I will tear you into pieces as I have did to Jazz in Transformers movie one!!

The results is out and the Winner is Megatron for being the top of Decepticon!

* Bow down to me Autobots!!

And all the supporter of Decepticon says....


Can't wait for the Cybertron Con 2012 at Resort World Sentosa which starts this Sunday!!

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