27 January 2012

Snow Miku Wonder Festival 2012 Exclusive

Snow Miku is returning in Japan coming Wonder Festival 2012. Since it is still winter in February, it make prefect sense to have a Snow Miku.

This figure is in conjunction with Max factory and Good Smile Company for “Wonderful Hobby Life for You 15″! exhibition. There will be a limited to 3000 for the event in Japan but as for web online store, you can place your pre-order of maximum 3 per person. For oversea web order, the item is currently plan to ship out in June 2012 (No longer winter then :( ).

So what so different about this Nendoroid Snow Miku? For one, she comes with a new costume as a coat. For accessories, She comes with mic stand,

a shovel,

a Nendoroid Petite sized clear snow sculpture of Miku and a LED lighted stage for the ice sculpture.

The official name is No.207 Nendoroid Snow Miku ( 雪ミク ) Fluffy. Get her before she slip you by!

Do agree with me that this version of the Snow Miku is better than the previous version?

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