31 December 2011

Recap of 2011 on Open The Toy

I guess this is the last post of 2011 and for the last post, allow me to recap of the highlights on Open the Toy in 2011.


I started the year reviewing a TakaraTomy Transformer animated Jetfire. Kicked off the year for making the resolution of what the blog is heading. I spoke about the answer to a popular question, Should we open our toys.  Have the privilege to conduct a interview with the owner of one of the Malaysia 15 years old Toy outlet, XL Shop who run not only a successful toy shops but also a forum and comic related to Toys. One of the unexpected review of Transformers Tomahawk created an awareness of the alternate mode that was never documented by Hasbro.


It's a short month with the highlight of the Chinese Lunar New year. Did a review on Trexi Spongebob squarepants review of the fun figure. The rare looking Kaioken SD Son Goku also get quite a lot of love. Since Gundam Unicorn 3 was going to screen, a giveaway for tickets was conducted.


Visited Singapore one and only TinTin shop at Chinatown. My blog mascot OTTi did a mini story about opening a Toy business and Beauty is subjective.  Delighted to have an interview with my milk toof which photography of the cutest of these two tooth make many heart melts. During that time, Japan was hit by natural disaster and I wrote about some mindless and ugly side of some toy collectors who only cares about their preorders. Some coverage on Gundam Unicorn episode 3 screening and the Beyblade that was popular among kids.


April I took on the challenge to blog about A to Z and the amount of toy review was awesome! Covering from the Crow, Miku Hatsune, Strider from Lord of the Rings, Redeemer from Spawn series, a rare Queen emeraldas figure and more! You can read all the entries of summary at one post! For event I covered a Japanese theme Capsule game carnival and it was fun!


For topic I discussed about Sense and Sensibility of toy collecting. I was glad to pick up on offers Lugnut and  a Tokidoki unicorn. For lego the rare Radioactive suit hazmat and the Elven warrior. I also talked about the Nazgul, the ring wraith. I found a hidden treasure of my childhood toy, a highway patrol police car made of Tin cover. For capsule, the Pentax Kr camera got a lot of love.
The event of the month were Japanese art fiesta 2011 and License2play and Toy carnival  Lastly a exclusive review on Leon Ku masterpieces of Kamen Rider model kit.


A review of a female Gundam, Nobell Gundam. For event, there was ComiFest which as lots of activities and cosplayers. Had quite a number of fast food to get Kungfu panda from McDonalds and Optimus Prime from KFC. My monoeye collection of gashapon continue as I got the series 2. Received a master pieces colored by a rising Model kit maker, Toymaker of Goku from Dragonball. I discovered there was a slot car racing in Singapore too!


In July two of the manjor toys reviews are two model kit by TakaraTomy that took the whole by storm, DMK 01 Optimus Prime and Bumble bee. One of the exclusive was one of the established model kit artist, Leon Ku take on Bumble bee. I managed to get Pororo the little penguin soft toy for my child thanks to a Korean friend and locally a Mattel Lightning McQueen from Cars 2. I have given my 2 cents over Dragonball in S.H.Figuarts going to exclusive only for future references starting for Super Saiyan Vegeta and also on my thoughts of toy warehouse sales scene of some ugly side of battle fields.


One of the major event that month would be the STGCC 2011. One of the awesome exclusive were the Cycle-on and El Podersoso android which the artist Andrew Bell autograph for me especially. Since it was Singapore National day that month, I did a review on Singa the Lion a mascot of a Singapore campaign since the 1980s. Not forgetting the Top toy reviewed, S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider shin 1 which is a action figure I wanted a long time. Not forgetting some Transformers love to one of the best in the Dark of the Moon series, Megatron voyager class.


I started September with my sharing of my limitation on toy collecting. I also shared my two vintage Battle armor He-man and Battle armor Skeletor follow by the latest reboot of Mattel He-man. As for female character toy review, Figma Append Miku Hatsune gets the spotlight. During the Takashimaya 15th crazy toy sale, picked up a TakaraTomy Pokemon train set on great discount and amuse my child for hours. Not forgetting Smurf the movie was released and mcDonalds Happy meal release smurf toys too.


There was much capsule love for October which cover reviews on Cars 2 and Drossel. A exclusive OTTi version by Caramelaw. Went for some outdoor group shoot and decided to share some tips of outdoor Toy photography. Got some blind bag Lego and Playmobil that month too!


This was a Gundam month as Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011 and Gundam Unicorn screening at AFA 2011. I did a countdown with Minnano Advent Gundam box set of 10 unique toys from Gundam universe such as Earth federation forces helmet, Zeon time Bomb, diecast Char statue and Micro version of robot damashii G3 Gundam. Reviewed Revoltech Haruhi Suzumiya and Stewie griffin toy from Family guy. We celebrate our Third anniversary with being nominated as finalist for Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog award 2011


We attended the Nuffnang Asia Pacific blog award 2011 to which we are nominated as the finalist of Best Geek blogwhich was awesome and caught a glimpse of Comic Fiesta in KL. Revisit the 1990s mcDonald play ground set Happy meal toy and Bumblebee from War of Cybertron. Got myself 40th Anniversary of Cup noodle Gundam and Zaku II while for snack a m&m lightsaber for my kid. Last but not least the top 10 reviewed toys on Open the Toy 2011.

So that wrapped up 2011 and Happy New year to you my fellow readers who followed us for 2011. You can read recap of 2010 and 2009 happening on Open the toy!
Thank you and have a good year!

29 December 2011

2011 Top 10 Reviewed Toys

We are coming to the end of 2011 and it is time for me to do a quick countdown of the top 10 toys that I reviewed on Open the toy for 2011.
2011 Top 10 Toy Reviewed on Open the Toy

You can read more about the review by clicking on the titles.

10. Mattel He-man
By the power of greyskull, He-man has landed in the 10 position of the toys that I reviewed this year. A better reboot of the classic line and this He-man look more proportion.
He-man re=release 2008

9. 40th Cup Noodle Anniversary Rx-78-2 Gundam!
For one of the chase Gunpla that I wanted for a very long, this Gundam earned his position as the 9th position.If you must know, the cup noodles taste great too! LOL
He-man re=release 2008

8. Haro Ball
Many always wanted to have such 1:1 scale Haro ball. There is no need of any electronic with it repeating your name. All it need to do is to look real and cute but most important useful to the user. In this case, it is as it is a storage ball.
He-man re=release 2008

7. Bearguy
Oh lord has mercy mercy mercy. In my opinion, this is the best Gunpla of the year in term of popularity as it get modeller to do lots of customize work on bearGuy. That is the measure of success for a good Gunpla if you asked me.
He-man re=release 2008

6. Voyager Lugnut
For Lugnut unwarier loyalty to Megatron, he deserved a position for the 6th position.I love both robot and vehicle mode. The plane mode is so World War 2 as a bomber. 
He-man re=release 2008

5. Ultra seven from Ultra act
Ultra Seven instead of Seven has went to 5th position of this top 10 list. He is one of the Ultraman that I watched the complete series even in Malay in the 1980s. Why? because only Malaysia channel has such awesome show back then.
He-man re=release 2008

4. Bunny Haruhi Suzumiya
Everyone love Haruhi...some even like the seiyu (voice actress) of Haruhi. How sexy can it be for Haruhi dress in 80s bunny suit and rock with a electrical guitar! It is so Haruhi if you asked me.
He-man re=release 2008

3. Figma Append Miku Hatsune
Going for the 3rd and bronze position, it's figma Miku Hatsune Append version. I personally love this suit of Miku Hatsune as it is futuristic and I love the semi translucent hair. I deem her a Cool chick for sure!
He-man re=release 2008

2. TakaraTomy DMK01 Optimus Prime
This could well be the prefect movie version of Optimus Prime as a toy. When it was released, there were shortage of stock everywhere. TakaraTomy does not made much model kit but when they do, the quality is awesome! I had great fun putting him together but after the assembled I couldn't really play with it as it does not transform. So this Optimus Prime landed on the Silver award.
He-man re=release 2008

1. S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Shin 1
Kamen Rider 1 could be the first LIVE Japanese action character I know in my childhood and to see a worth toy as an action figure took like 3 decades. Better late than never. With the looks and the playability, this toy rocks! He even look good on photography! For that he earn the 1st and Gold award.
He-man re=release 2008

Now I think some may have other opinion of the best toy reviewed on Open the Toy. If you have, leave a comment and tell us why you think the first position should be. :)

26 December 2011

M&M Clone war Lightsaber

Remembering I wanted a Ultimate FX Lightsaber for Christmas? Well instead of someone getting one for me or I getting it myself, I got another lightsaber for my son.

This is from the Clone war series.

The handle is cover with M&M drawings

If you are wondering, the M&M are hidden inside the compartment here below the handle.

To activate the lightsaber, press the button on the handle.

Here is the size of the candy lightsaber and it comes with Red and blue. No green.

* I am a Jedi, like my father before me :)
I chose the blue one that represent the Jedi for my son. The lightsaber was light by a blue LED. It's pretty bright if you asked me but the size is like a Neo stick for concert. Then again this is for kids so the size is just right.

The logo of Star wars were printed on the blade which look really cool.

So far my son is playing with it but he did not know there are candy inside. I wouldn't want him to know as too much sweet is not good for him. LOL

I will eat that myself when he is not around. Hopefully it won't melt as it should melt in your mouth not in your hands. LOL

25 December 2011

40th Cup Noodle Anniversary MS-06S ZAKUII

Merry Christmas everyone. Since it is Christmas day today, I have decided to review something Red! LOL

Sometime ago I blogged about the 40th anniversary cup-noodle Gundam RX-78-2 and some asked me if I got the Char Zaku II in the series as well. How would I forget about Char? So here it is, the 40th Anniversary Cup Noodles MS-0gS Zaku II for cup noodle decal! Seige ZEON!!

The main color was red for the packaging and against the white background it look stunting especially the artwork of the outline of Zaku. Not to forget the gold plating along the box.

The standard of the package is one cup of the model kit while another cup is the cup noodles. While I blog about this, that cup noodle was already consumed by me. LOL.

One side of the box illustrate the actual model kit in full color. The height was around 9cm.

I have to admit that Zaku make good cover for Cup noodles! Here is the cup with the model kit inside.

On the cover zaku came with his gun but the toy only came with an axe...Should I feel cheated?

Time to Open the Toy!!

So here's the content of what is inside of the cup.

It comes with clear instructions and various small parts for the model kit.

Here is the decal which is exclusive just for Nissan Cup noodles.

It took me a couple of hours to assemble, painted and put on the decal of this Char Zaku II.

I painted the kit with Gundam markers and I run out of some colors in the process but it doesn't look shabby right? If you see the glitter effects, it was the Gundam marker.

Zaku II came with generous decals and one of striking Cup noodles decal should be on the left shoulder.

Even the shield comes with the full decal which cover more than 50% of the surfaces. You may notice the logo of Char too. LOL

When put both Cup Noodle Zaku II and Gundam RX-78-2, they look so good together especially the color contrast.

The question you have to asked yourself would be which one of this two looked the best?

Original Gundam or Zaku II with Nissan Cup noodle decal?

23 December 2011

China Limited Edition Dragon Ultimate Optimus Prime

As this year is coming to an end, the welcoming of the new year especially Chinese Lunar New year which was the year of Dragon, Hasbro China had rolled out a limited edition of the Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Originally when I seen a huge Optimus Prime with packaging similar to Hasbro but was some china brand so I looked closer just to confirm if this is yet another bootleg. It turned out that this is indeed from Hasbro but only for China.

I was told that this release was suppose to be only available in China retails as it is a limited edition to commemorate the coming year of the Lunar New year for the Dragon. Instead of the usual silver, it was replaced with shades of Gold as Chinese love Gold colors.

One of the obvious difference should be the trailer which was suppose to be silver now in red with gold graphic of a Dragon. The design look good but I felt the color could be painted in metallic. That I will expect more from TakaraTomy and not Hasbro. I was lucky to see an open sample in robot mode on display.

From the side, you can see the golden drawing and indeed it really give the Chinese feel.

A close up you can still see the dragon with it's claws and even the dragon ball!

The price tag was SGD$180 and to some Chinese getting Dragon related stuff for the year of Dragon is a popular move which they hope in return will bring good fortune. Personally I find these limited Edition interesting but it doesn't move me to own it as Ultimate Optimus Prime is too big for me and I felt the design doesn't really look compatible with the Optimus Prime that I know.

What's your take of this repaint edition especially from China?

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