27 November 2011

Gunpla Builder World Cup 2011 Singapore Winners

The results of the Gunpla Builder World Cup Singapore is finally out today. I was there to see who is representing Singapore this year for the GBWC2011 today.

Before that, let's go through those creative custom for Bearguy. There are 3 winners of that custom BearGuy and there are the Zaku Guy.

Superman BearGuy.

And the football fan choice which is the Man-U BearGuy.

For Junior Category representing Singapore, this is the winner.

The winner is a 14 years old regular participant and with all his years of hardwork, he will be representing Singapore this year.

It is always a good thing to see the grow of Junior Category. There was even a female gunpla modeller and a prize winner! There is hope for the future of Gunpla hobby indeed.

Now for the result of all we are waiting for. From third place, it's a modeller by the name of Waylander.

In second position, it is Gundam AGE related.

Finally the winner of GBWC2011 representing Singapore!!! wished for the best of luck for Singapore! :)

The prize presentation went off with a bang!

Not forgetting the 5 winners who took part on the my blog Giveaway which was in line with the event. All 5 got a HG Gundam model kit sponsored by Shengtai Toys and Bandai.

It really fun to meet up with fellow Gunpla lover for this event. I hope all of you have fun too. :)

Haruhi Suzumiya Fraulein Revoltech

During the writing of my third anniversary post, I look through the first few post on the topic I was covering when I started the blog. On my second post, I talked about the coming Haruhi Fraulein Revoltech.  After reading that, I was reminded that I have not give a proper review on Revoltech Haruhi. So here it is.

Before Figma came into the picture, Revoltech announced the first release of an articulated joints of Haruhi. She was the first line of production.

Revoltech was generous to provide many pairs of hands and total of 3 facial expressions.

Truth being said, this Haruhi took a very long time to balance her to stand by itself. The figure do come with a stand but I prefer to have her standing on her own. One of the pull factor for this figure was Haruhi in sexy bunny suit which suppose to draw in the attention and crowd to join in her club.

* Hey you! Are you interested to join the S.O.S club?

This Haruhi comes with a guitar and one pair of hands comes with Guitar pick. Somehow this pick remind me of Tenacious D. LOL

Look like Haruhi is going to put out some songs to rally the crowd with her guitar.

* Are you ready for this people?

Personally the Guitar look awesome with the number 7 on it. However it will be prefect if they included the strings.

I can see Haruhi is giving all she has putting up the Rock concert!

She really enjoy Jamming the Guitar! She is a hard rocker!

What is K-ON! compare to team Haruhi? She come way earlier than K-ON!

* Let have it one more song!

Singing a side, Haruhi also comes with a sign for the recruitment event.

* S.O.S want you!

Look like she has found a new member...Oh OTTi...

Since Haruhi is doing the rally, I wonder will Haruhi help me to rally voter to vote for openthetoy for the Nuffnang Best Geek award since we have less than 24 hours for the voting?

* No Problem, I sound it out for you!

For those who find this post is Geeky, please vote for Openthetoy.com. The instruction is here as it is the last day today.

26 November 2011

The Third Year

Open the Toy has enter into it's third year today.

I would like to thank all of you who have been reading and supporting to our third year. It has been a pleasure to do review and seeing interaction in comments on both this blog and also the interaction of our Facebook pages which by now has over 1000 likes.

This blog has always focus on original content for Toys, Games and anything Fun. Fun is what I am going for. Sometime penning down original content maybe challenging especially when days I felt tired from work and family duties. The only thing that keep me going was the passion for toys and knowing that there are readers who enjoyed my sharing.

Because of your support, Open the toy was nominated as one of the finalist of Best Geek Blog for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Award 2011. The voting is still going on today till tomorrow. This is something that I did not expect as my blog was the only one from Singapore and one of the blog that purely focus on Toys in the Best Geek Blog category. With others fine finalist in the same category, it would be difficult to win. However that is not for me to determine as the vote depend very much on your vote as the reader. If you find Openthetoy.com is geeky enough, please give a vote to Openthetoy.com. You can follow the instructions on how you can vote.

Regardless of the result, I will continue in our journey of sharing Toys, Games and anything Fun goodness-es in the days to come and hopefully we will celebrate again on the coming year. :)

Thank you for reading and support

PS: For those who have taken photo of yourself at Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011, remember the free giveaway is ending tonight at 2300 hours Singapore time for the Free HG Gunpla over at our facebook!


24 November 2011

Revoltech Lightning McQueen Coming

After Nemo and Wall.E, Revoltech Pixar series next in line would be Lightning McQueen from Cars.

I have a couple of Lightning McQueen personally but there were all from Cars 2. One from Mattel another one from TakaraTomy which was a Capsule toy. Both of these Lightning McQueen, my child enjoyed it very much for his play time fun.

What make revoltech special was the amount of details at the car parts and decals. If you must know, this is the Cars 1 movie version of Lightning McQueen.

It was first of it kind to allow changes in expression such as the eyes and the mouth by changing of the pieces. It bring in such life to the characters.

Another unique feature was the articulation such as the wheels which you seen in movie but none of the toyline did that only Revoltech is doing that.

That is possible as the wheels of the cars have unique designs joints which consist of 7 joints and 11 points of articulation that make it articulated.

What is a car if the car is not able to roll it wheels? Well revoltech did more than that as this Lightning McQueen is able to roll by itself with the help of an old technology found on Toy cars. Just by pulling back the car, it will charge it's energy and upon release, the car will zoom front. What more can we asked for right?

This 3rd installment of Pixar revoltech will be releasing in January 2012 at a price point of 2,286JPY.

22 November 2011

Kidrobot Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

I know there were Simpsons' toys but for Family Guy, I have never expect there will be some but I just learned there were and they were from Kidrobot.

There were a number of the characters too design in blind pack with some rare figurines.

I was rather specific to get one of the character in the series which is none other than Stewie Griffin, an one-year-old prodigy one of it's kind.

Truth to be told, I was not so lucky to get one which the rate was 2/16 but I was lucky enough to get it loose on offer. How can I say no since I love his character in the series.

When open the box, as usual was the figure which in Kidrobot design captured the persona of Stewie very well.

At the sole of his feet are inscription of trademark and copyrights of the character and toy.

One of the feature of the figure that I will never expect was the view from the top of Stewie which I never seen it in the TV series and there it was. In full 3D!! The hair look so cute!! LOL

The figure was not alone, it comes with accessories such as his teddy bear Rupert and a sticker card of Stewie. Pretty cute!

There it was, Stewie Griffin landed himself in a strange land with his trusted friend Rupert the Teddy bear.
Stewie Griffin & Rupert Toy from Kidrobot

Stewie seems to be terrify but still have to be strong for Rupert.

Along came my toy OTTi. He is going to welcome Stewie?

Oh no. OTTi is being a Bully to Stewie... Play nice OTTi!

I don't think Stewie can hold the bear on his arms...

.... Okay given a benefit of doubts, we never know if Stewie can one day hold the bear with both of his hands....

Do you think Stewie can do that someday?

Overall I enjoy this figure very much even though the Toy cannot hold his teddy bear, it served as a great accessory as Rupert the teddy bear was one major thing that related to Stewie. It is the best accessory if you asked me in term of characters.

20 November 2011

Say Haro to Multi Box Nandemoharo

Since I have been to Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011 on it's first day, you maybe wondering did I get any goodies there. Well I finally have the time to do a proper review of what I gotten that day and this is what I got. A Green Haro!

* Say Haro to everyone Haro!

I saw a Haro on the front counter of Gunpla Expo and remember Dennis had one at his home.  So I asked where and how much he gotten it then. He told me it was sometime back where he ordered from oversea. I told him having a Haro is a cool thing. When the event opened, I saw Haro was on sale. There were Orange, Green and Pink Haro and without considering much, I got a Green Haro!

* Multi Box Nandemoharo... Now that's a mouthful.

Basically this Haro is Multi box container which is practical to have one at home to put in stuff like letters, loose changes, keys and use it as a Snack Jar. (That what it was suggested in the box)...

Time to Open the Toy!

The pieces and instruction was arranged nicely in the box.

There are basically 3 pieces. One the top of Haro, the base of Haro and one stand to prevent Haro from rolling around.

The instruction sheet instruction was simple. You just need to align and snap Haro together. There are some stickers for Haro eyes. A pair of Black and Red to simulate the eyes are lighting up.

There was a marking inside Haro indicating the year 2003 which should marked the design of this toy.

Here was the assembled Haro without having the eye stickers apply on it.

I have decided to go with Black for the eyes. Nice!

There was a button on the Top of Haro...

By pressing on it, Haro's ears will spring open allowing you to deposit or withdraw things stored inside Haro...

I am uncertain if this Haro is 1:1 scale but it certainly look close to the actual Haro in Gundam World. Here's Haro with OTTi which is around 2"++ and the Lego Stormtrooper clock close to 12 inches.

The Opening of Haro allow a adult hand to put in comfortably.

Now what should I put in?

For start, I can store some toys in it!

* OTTi: Please don't leave me here!

Or maybe some keys beside the door for my family members?

* OTTi: Not very secure...

Or a place to drop some loose changes?

* OTTi: That would be a Piggy bank!

Well whatever it is, I strongly suggest to put some cushion in Haro so the dropping of the objects such as keys and coins will not cause loud noises.

I am glad to finally have a Haro ball in my collection and my child had a good time pressing the button to see the springing of the ears and closing it back. I hope the spring won't become loose soon. LOL

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