31 March 2011

Reminder of A-Z April

Beginning tomorrow the first day of April, I will be taking on the A-Z Blogging challenge for the entire month. From Monday to Saturday, I will be blogging topics relating to the running alphabets.

I think I will need to rope in all the help I can get. One of which is OTTi, my blog mascot.

Can we complete the challenge? What will the post be? Keep reading in April to find out.

29 March 2011

Pop! Star Wars Vinyl Figure Bobble Heads Series 1

Star Wars Pop! Vinyl Figure Bobble Heads Series 1 has released from Funko.

These 3.75 inches bobble heads are cute! The Series 1 includes many Star Wars Universe from the first Trilogy like the villains Darth Vader,Stormtroopers and Greedo.

For the good guys, we have Yoda, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the walking carpet: Chewbacca.

Yoda look so young in Pop! version. LOL

The price for each is around USD$8.00 which is cheaper than Might Mugg. The good point is this toy not only look cute in display but their head can bobble too. Fun?

28 March 2011

Beauty is Subjective

Another toy comic I have done up for this week. Hope to chase the Monday blues a little. LOL

The story begin with Baseball guy walking aimlessly one day...

Warning: Not for the weak of heart...

Do you agree with the above statement that Beauty is subjective?

27 March 2011

Relive the Game & Watch Moments

I consider myself lucky to be able to enjoy the dawn of portable electronic console during my childhood days. Back then there were numerous simple portable console such as "Game & Watch" with lots of classic games titles. Through the 30 years, portable consoles came to stunting evolution to 3D now (Nintendo 3DS).

However such growing up game console titles are still in the back of most of our mind. How we wish to relive the days of playing such consoles which a working condition ones are so hard to find.

Thanks to technology (and hipopotam's), now you can relive moments of game play in the comfort of your home through internet. For those who are too young to remember or actually play such games, now it's your chances to experience the simplicity of fun gameplay. It may not seems much but these were big deal to most of us (the 80s generation).

Have fun over at http://www.pica-pic.com for the experience. They keep track of daily high score too but I am not that good. Maybe you are better. LOL

Have fun on the weekend!

26 March 2011

Beyblade Metal Fusion

Spinning top game has just got a few level higher. Gone were the days where wooden tops spinned by strings. The Spinning top games has gone to Beyblade, a modern spinning top games that uses science and technology to make it more fun and compete with each other and the latest in town is Metal Fusion!

The toy design begin with starter pack which each "Beyblade" has it's own advantages.

When gamer are more experience, they can get Booster pack consist of the following choices

When I talk about science and technology, I am talking about customizing your own Beyblade and work out a strategy to beat your opponents. You can customize your Beyblade by enhancing the bottom.

If you want to play defensive, here are your choices.

If you want Stamina to out last your opponent Beyblade, you can use these!

Since this series is Metal Fusion, it make sense to add more weight and damage using Diecast Metal parts.

Here are the Attack Metal choices.

Use Metal to raise your defense!

Use Metal parts to gain more stamina.

Player with experience overtime should developed a strategy using their own customization as it is a fair game between Attack, Defense (Balance) and Stamina.

In US this is from Hasbro while in Asia, this is from TakaraTomy. Over in Singapore, Shengtai has host the beyblade WBBA Singapore just a few weeks ago. You can read the activites happening in Singapore for Beyblade at their facebook group.  Isn't that cool?

25 March 2011

SANGOKUDEN Brave Battle Warriors On Singapore TV!

SANGOKUDEN,Brave Battle Warriors will be making it's debut first time on Singapore Free Channel!

Begining from 27 March 2011 (Sunday), 10am on OKTO! Channel. This series will be running on every Sunday spoken in English for 30 minutes which is a combine episodes 2 Japanese episodes (15 minutes each).

There are not much Gundam animation on local free channel and this is something to look forward to in the days to come. Remember to catch it this Sunday ya?

23 March 2011

Lego Ninja Go!

Lego has been innovating and making their toys more reliant to this time and age. Beside the minifigure series, they came out with Ninja Go which allow 2 players to spinners (aka Spinjitsu) with figure on top.

If you get the starter set, it will comes with 2 figures with various weapons and cards for 2 players and Arena to start the game.

Put the characters on each of their spinner and equip them with their choice of weapon. Once ready spin them and shout "Ninja Go!" Whoever falls off their spinner first lose that round and lose a weapon to the winner. Here's the official commercial of the game play. 

For me I find the characters especially the ninja and weapons look good and already a great pulling factor. For the game wise, I have to find players to play with if I getting the toy.

Here's a cute video of the characters (All the good guys)

You can find more information at Ninjago.com.
Will you get the toy and play the game or just the toy like the Ninja?

22 March 2011

OTTi Toy Business 101

OTTi had his Cash Machine for his business for more than a week now. So I decided to pay him a visit to see how's things were going.

So how is it OTTi? Is the business good?

Oh...that's sad. Do you have any clue why business was poor? Is it you didn't push hard enough?

Ah! That potential customer didn't let you finish your sales pitch.

I guess you have to think harder what went wrong. Think Think Think...

OTTi figure out that when he is behind the counter, there was no sales transaction. Now that OTTi figure out the problem, what is he going to do about it?

Ah! OTTi find a good solution by hiring a pretty female sale assistant. Will it work?

Well it doesn't take long to see the result. Here comes a potential customer. Will he buy anything?

Yes! The Customer seems to be happy to make his purchases. Chances are he will be back later to buy other stuff because of the service and the relationship.

Congratulation OTTi for your first business deal of the day. You have anything to say?

...Don't you know anything about Humility or Modesty OTTi? -_- |||

21 March 2011

Let's See Some Green!

I have once again enrolled a entry to Eclectorama for "Let's See Some Green!". It's actually referring all the green toys that I have for the moment (or what I could get my hands on for this photo session).

Some of the green toys in the photo above I have done review on it in this blog but some I didn't. For those who have no idea the name of the toys, here are their names:

1. Shrek a mcdonalds Happy Meal toy
2. Keroro Gunso model kit (one of my many which yet to review. XP)
3. Android toy
4. OTTi, my blog mascot a custom toy.
5. A vintage Playmobil
6. Swindle a Transformers Animated deluxe class
7. Vintage Playmate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello
8. Transformers Animated Leader Class Bulkhead

So that's some of the Green toys that I have. Are they green enough for you?

20 March 2011

Interview with My Milk Toof

Today I have the honor to have a short interview with the creator of My Milk Toof.

Hi Inhae Lee. Your story is about your two milk tooth, ickle and Lardee. Are those names you given them since your childhood?
No, unfortunately not. Those were names I specifically came up with for the project.

What language was the name of ickle and Lardee and what is the meaning if it has any?
The name is ickle (with an intentional lowercased "i") is what babies say when they try to pronounce "little". Because of their undeveloped speech, they can't quite enunciate the word, so it comes out "ickle".

Lardee, who's plump frame is indeed appropriately named after lard.

How long does it take to make it as a story production from photo taking and publishing?
It varies, depending on the storyline. On average, a story can take two weeks to fully execute, including writing/storyboards, creating props, photography, and editing. When new toof models need to be created, it can add an extra couple days.

I understand there will be a new book " My Milk Toof : The Adventures of ickle and Lardee (My Milk Toof) " coming in March. Are there new materials or a compilation of some of the blog stories?
The upcoming book will feature old stories along with a couple reworked stories, and some brand new ones too.

Early on with the blog I will still experimenting and trying to find the right rhythm of the storytelling and consequently some of the stories were not as strong. However in the book, i've reworked a lot of that material and made it more interesting. Hopefully it will not disappoint!

Will there be any toy of lifesize ickle and Lardee in time to come?
That is a common question i get a lot, and i have every intention to some day create toys out of ickle and Lardee. I'm very particular with any merchandise that comes out, and I especially won't release any toys until the quality can be ensured.

What are your future plan for these milk toof?
For now i will just be focusing on the blog. I will have an online store opening in March that will carry some new merchandise. Aside from that, i'll have to wait to see how the book is received before making any bigger plans.

Will there be other another characters beside these two milk toof like a female character? I assume both are male right? :P
The gender is meant to be neutral, although people tend to assume they're boys. In regards to adding another character, I don't have plans at this time- but you never know :)

A big thank you to Inhae Lee for having this interview with us.

You can buy a copy of "My  Milk Toof" latest book here!

18 March 2011

Donation to Japan

In the light of recent events, I have decided to put a section (top right corner) of this blog for those who wanted to make their donation to Japan easier.

Google was kind to provide donation services to any group of charities. Personally I find it is a convenience and peace of mind since it was provided and supported by Google to any choice of charities.

You can give your donation at Google Crisis Response.

In the light of fund raising, Caramelaw is also selling Candylicious set as all of the money collected will be donated to Red Cross for Japan.
The package includes:
- 1 X 2011 Calendar
- 1 Set of postcards (5 designs)
- 1 Set of wrapping papers (4 designs)
- 1 Lanyard
- 1 Set of sticker sets (2 designs)
- 1 Skull sticker
- 2 A2 size posters

for just USD $19.90. Buy and Donate NOW!.

PS: Above is just my recommendation where can you donate should you decide to give.  It is no way compelling you to donate.

I hope Japan will recover soon.

17 March 2011

Joe Ledbetter's Chinese Zodiac Mini Figure coming

Coming in late June to early July,Joe Ledbetter's is rolling out 3" to 4.5" Chinese Zodiac mini figure world series. He has redesigns the 12 animals with his styles.

The 12 Zodiacs includes the following and will be on sale at a price tag of estimated US$15.

Which of the 12 is your favorite?

16 March 2011

Lego Minifigures Series 3: Baseball Player

The story continue of my journey to collect Lego Minifigures. This time round, I got myself a Baseball player.

From his uniform, we know that this Baseball guy is from the Clutchers. He came with a cap and a baseball bat.

To tell you the truth, I was using the cheat  to get a Elf warrior but somehow Baseball guy came into my prosession. Apparently the "braille" on the right is not accurate and I was deceived thinking it was an Elf.

Anyway one of the fashion that came out of Baseball were the cap. Many love to wear it the other way round like this.

Do you wear the cap this way?

Since I have a Baseball player now, it make sense to have a cheerleader to cheer for him. For that, I have the Hula Dancer.

If that doesn't work, prehaps he need another type of motivation...Fear. For that we have The Mummy. LOL

Which one do you think work best for him? Cheering or Fearing? LOL

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