December EOY

We are finally at the last month of 2011 and this could be a favorite time of the year as Christmas and New Year holidays are coming.

Many of those who have voted this blog for Best Geek Blog for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog award 2011 after 27th of November came to ask me for the result and did Open the Toy won. Regardless of the public voting which consist of 50%, there will be judging panel which will contribute the other 50% to determine if Open the toy deserved to be the winner of the Best Geek Blog. The result will only be announced on 16th of December at the award ceremony.

As my topic of this blog mainly focus on Toys is a niche topic and only attract certain group of readers. Compare with other finalists in the same category, the word Geeky may not be landed on a Toy centered first in that category.  We can only hope for that best and be assure that I will update you guys here after 16 December 2011 after the award ceremony.

Regardless of the results, I would like to thank all those who have taken the effort to vote for Open the Toy. Hearing how someone went to the extend to rally their families and friends to vote for this blog already melted my heart.

* We can't go far without your support. Thank you!

So what will be on for December?

Expect some interesting toys review too and I do have lot of backlog of toys which I bought this year which I have not much time to do a deserving review for those great toys.

Since my last Gunpla Expo Giveaway was a success in November and Christmas is around the corner, we are going to conduct a Christmas giveaway to you my readers and supporters. More of the details will be announcing later. :)


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