29 September 2011

Takashimaya 15th Crazy Toy Sales Part 2

Since I drop by to Takashimaya 15th crazy toy sales again, I decided to do another field report of some of the rare and interesting toy on sale.

PS: Please note that some of these toys in this post may not be there when you drop by as some of the toys sell like hot cakes while they replenished with new toys now and then.

First off I will talk about the Bandai toys there. Soft Vinyl Kamen riders are selling 2 for SGD$5 and they look pretty decent to me and great for desk display.

One of the Robot Dahmasu caught my eye which is from the Gundam F91 series,DEN'AN GEI. The mobile suit is great with German WWII armor and gas mask which was selling at SGD$25.

SDX Ryuso Ryub which I reviewed sometime ago was selling at discount price SGD$30.00

There were some S.H.Figuarts series as well too. This is pretty cool selling at SGD$40.00

While there is another female character selling SGD$25.00. Somehow female character, HANA doesn't look good with S.H.Figuarts design...

Another interesting find was this Tamagotchi looking toy but at closer look, it is not Tamagotchi. I have no idea what is it.

And if you are looking for Gundam Model kits, then the only ones selling there are the Sangokuden BB type.

There are loads of Pokemon trains there when I was there. If you read my review on this toy and love it, you can head down to grab one. The price has dropped from SGD$12 to SGD$10. I have no regret as this toy is fun for my kid and me.

As for western toy makers, there was some DC pack figure selling for 2 boxes for SGD$9. If you are Justice League collector, this is a good time to grab some.

For Hasbros or Marvel, there was Wolverine and Sabertooth twin pack which was going for just SGD$7.Love the motorbike.

THere were some My Little Pony on sale too!

Here are some of the rare gem which I consider these as vintage.

VIntage No.1 : G.I.Joe 12" figure
These are the original G.I.Joe which have no cartoon story but more to war theme. Just look at the packaging and you have a feel how old it is. However the figure inside is still mint (by looking at it).

Beside the figure, there were some accessories on sales too which is equally old. One of the leather jacket is cracking.

Vintage No.2: Destro G.I.Joe
A bit younger G.I.Joe line which some of us are familiar with, Destro and the package was in Korean.

Vintage No.3: BB/SD Gundam
Some BB or SD Gundam selling at SGD$2. These are really old Gunpla from early 1990s I suppose.

So much for vintage.

Lastly I finally saw Handy Manny toys in Singapore. My son love this animation but he is still too young to know how to play with this. Will wait for another time then

That conclude my report on my third visit to the sales. Hope it is informational to you guys.

28 September 2011

Coming Gunpla Expo Singapore 2011

Gundam fans in Singapore, mark your calendar as Gunpla Expo World Tour 2011 will be in Singapore in November

The events are a combination for various workshops, Limited Edition, Gunpla Builder World Cup 2011 and showcase of Gundam products such as Gundam AGE and upcoming model kit.

The event will be at Compass Point from 15th to 27th November 2011.

More updates of news will be updating later on this site or facebook or you can follow Club Gunpla on facebook. So mark your calendar Gunpla fans. I know I will. :)

27 September 2011

Hotwheels Master of the Universe

It has been sometime I read about Master of the Universe and Hotwheels coming together to have a series for themselves. Basically it is the blending of MOTU stickers on Hotwheels cars. I don't think we will see these in real life but it provide a concept and collectibles for Master of the Universe fans.

I saw some personally when I was in Malaysia. Here's one of the He-man team.

If I would get these, I may not open the toy because the packaging is really one of the kind. For team Skeletor, here is one of them.

Here is a shot putting them side by side.

They are interesting but I personally didn't get these as I would not open them up because of the packaging and I don't really fancy the car models regardless the stickers on it still look good. To be honest, some of the decals and car type is kinda of a mismatched if you ask me. I wouldn't imagine if there are a real car in such decals.

Can you?

25 September 2011

Mattel He-man

Since Mattel had release the new He-man, I always wanted to get some. However the Mattel business model doesn't make it friendly for some of us who are not in US. Anyway I can wait and my patience payed off once again when I saw the latest He-man selling loose in a flea market. Since I used to had a Battle armor He-man, I decided to get the original He-man for the new release.

Just like the classic He-man, he comes with the sword, battle axe and shield. The sword can be kept on his back.

The muscle of this He-man is well detailed even on the side.

Talking about the details, I personally like his boots. It was well detailed too.

*These boots are made for walking. (No innocent animal are harmed in the making of these boots?)

As for the face, it is younger than the vintage He-man. However from the expression you can't tell if he is happy or serious. Quite a confused look if you asked me.

The new He-man was more taller and in better proportion than the vintage one. Here's a comparison.

The new He-man has more articulation making it more fun to pose.

By the power of Greyskull!

I have the power!!!

Overall getting this new He-man is something in my must have list and I am glad to got this. As for the pricing, the old He-man I got in 1986 was SGD$9.90 while more than 20 years later, one of these new He-man series is going for around SGD$50... Is it worth it? Looking on par with inflation of food which goes 2.5 times, these toyline went up definately went up more than food.

Anyway this He-man toyline is more for collectors and not for kids... Basically I find it is over-rated.

22 September 2011

Pichu Bros Pokemon Train TakaraTomy

One of the fun toy for children will be the train and I have been looking out for one. I found one at my visit to 15th Takashimaya crazy toy sales. It's a toy train from TakaraTomy of the Pichu bros Pokemon train and if you must know, it was going for SGD$12.00. :D

The back of the box shows what were in the box orderly such as the train battery location using one AA battery, the switch on top of the train and the two lego like figurines to seat on the passengers compartment.

I first placed the Pokemon land "ground sheet" and spend 3 minutes or so to assemble the tracks, place the battery and setting up the train tracks while my son was looking at amazement of his new toy.

The switch is on top of the train compartment.

This is where the battery that power up the train is. It is inside the "coal" compartment.

Personally I always like the design of such old fashion train over any model train design. It's a classic.

The Pokemons on the train give it charms and my son love that too.

The passenger carriage was painted green rather than the red which was rather refreshing. At the back of the carriage, it was another pokemon picture (Plant type pokemon).

The roof of the passengers carriage can be remove for you to place the two passengers with ease.

So the train goes round and round on the pokemon land and my son spent an hour of fun watching it travelling round and round while I looked at my son's happy face.

PS: the Pikachu is not included. :)

20 September 2011

The New ThunderCats Action Figures

The new Thundercats series are out in US and much of the toys are on sales.

While in other part of the world, the news of the toys had not really reached yet.

What is so fun about the new Thundercats toys? How will they fulfill the expectation of the old fans and the make new ones?

Bandai America has release a video in an old fashion way to talk about the Action features "Thunder Link" for the toys. I have to say looking at the setup, it is pretty amazing already.

I am sold to get some the playset which include maybe even Army building.

What do you think?

If you have a facebook account, you can join the Thundercats toys page to get more news and talk about Thundercats toys.

18 September 2011

Figma Miku Append Version

Since the day I read about Miku Hatsune Append version, I totally felt in love with it. When Figma announced to produce her, I set aside my budget just for her. After a long wait and a little delay, Miku Hatsune Append version within my grasp.

Since I pre-ordered her, the price is good. However there was another version who pre-order which will come with a headphone for Miku. Nonetheless, I learned to appreciate what I have. If you must know, Miku Append marked the number 100 of Figma series...(I didn't know it was that much).

The presentation of Miku in Append Version theme was good.

While the back of the box display the wonderful pose and looks of Append Miku.

This Miku comes total of 3 facial expressions and lots of parts to interchange.

Here's Miku out of the box and she can stand pretty well by herself.

The original face that come with Miku is a youthful and cheerful one.

You can strike various pose with her hands movement.

Miku look so fine! Happy Miku face!

At the back of Miku, the detail of her Append costume look futuristic to me

At her left leg, she wore a band of CRYPTON Future Media logo

Around her waist was another add on of her costume.

You can add another accessories of her costume which is tail looking. It maybe grounding cable of sorts which you can attached it on Miku's back.

There were another upper arms part to change for Miku

Now comes another expression which I love it. The ice cold Miku looks.

I personally love this look of Miku. So serious and icy looking but beautiful.

She look more stunting with her pose! Miku unleashed.

With that, we moved on to Miku Append famous pose.

This is one pull factor for me to buy this Figma.

Not forgetting Miku has a closed eyes face and that look equally good as Icy looks.

And finally the floating pose.

I really love this figma Miku! What about you? XD

If you love this Miku, you can get it here too.

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