What's PlayImaginative having at STGCC 2011

When I think about STGCC, the first thing that come to mind is Play Imaginative.

If it is not because of Play Imaginative, STGCC will not come into being. Thanks to them, Singapore finally had their own convention on Toys, Games and Comic in Singapore. They did a great job in organising and giving what Toys fan wanted and able to get big players such as Hasbro to be there and having exclusives. Their last year of hosting the event was way back in 2009 and in 2010, the current organizers Reed Exhibitions 2011 took over.

Play Imaginative is still every much part of the convention but now having a booth. This year here are what is happening at Play Imaginative booth!

If you are a DevilRobot fans, this is a good time to get to meet them and let them sign on your collections! TOFU!!


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