Toy Masters the Movie

We have lot of movies that help selling toys such as Green Lantern, Batman, Transformers and the list goes on. However hardly we have a movie about the Toy makers. Coming in 2012 there's a documentary like movie about Mattel, toy designer more around He-man toys.

Here is a LONG Trailer.

Back in the mid 80s, He-man series was very popular and made a mark at the hearts of all boys. I am one of those He-man. Maybe I should review some of my old He-man toys soon.

Since we are at the topic of Mattel, one of the co-founder of Mattel and Hot Wheels creator, Elliot Handler had past away earlier this week. Elliot pass on at the full years of 95 years old.

coming back regarding this movie, I will certainly look forward to this documentary... I mean movie....I mean documentary...oh Whatever!

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