Gunpla Builder World Cup coming

Bandai has announced the first ever Gunpla Builder World Cup dedicated to Gundam plastic models.

It will be held in 13 international regions open to Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, America, and Italy between July to December.

Since July 1980, Gunplas are sold over 460,000,000 in Japan.(Investigated in March 2011) And it is sold over 28,000,000 Gunplas out of Japan. Gunpla is a contents that is wide spreaded all over the world especially in Asia by hot fans.

The winner of the world championships will be announced in December at HongKong Gunpla Expo World Cup Tour.

If you are a modeller and want to enter this contest, get ready your model kit!


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